Sitara is an eighteen year old, fresh out of college. She grew up listening to the radio and watching television. Sitara has excellent communication skills and voice-modulation skills. Along with these, she also has a flair for mimicry. She chose to become a voice over artist after analysing her skill sets and the opportunities she has, in the media and entertainment market. Not just Sitara, this industry provides employment many other talented and skilled individuals seeking for jobs.

The media and entertainment industry play a principal role in this world of constant and instant communication. The wide reach and influence that this sector are one of the major reasons behind its popularity among job seekers. The media and entertainment sector, with several potentially filled sub-sectors, is considered one of India’s sunrise sectors. This industry, with its interesting and challenging sub-sectors like film, television, animation, gaming, radio, advertising and many more, is attracting a lot of young talent.
Read on to understand why the media and entertainment industry is one of the top industries attracting a lot of talented youngsters.

Nurtures creative talent

The Media and Entertainment industry exclusively nourishes innovation. This eminently creative industry nurtures creative talent and allows people interested in communication to combine their love for this industry with creativity and originality. This industry is offering jobs roles like prosthetic artists, roto artists, storyboard artists, etc. which are completely based on creativity and ingenious thinking. This industry is a boon to people who are creative as well as possess excellent communication skills.

Wide ranging job positions and growth opportunities

The Media and Entertainment industry is an umbrella sector for numerous exciting and potentially filled sub-sectors like films, television, music, publishing, radio, internet, advertising and gaming. All of these areas have a fantastic space for growth and are ever-expanding. With the government’s support through initiatives such as digitising the cable distribution industry, this industry’s sub-sectors are bound to reach great heights. The jobs offered under each of these unique and technology-based sectors are of a wide variety. Being extensively technology and skill-based, these jobs are distinctly growth-oriented.

Media and Entertainment industry can be your career destinationFlexibility

The job positions available in the media and entertainment industry are immensely flexible. There are several options from which the job seeker can choose, according to his convenience. The ‘gig’ concept; has particularly gained a lot of popularity in this industry. Furthermore, a lot of freelancers show interest in working in this sector. This industry is also seeing a lot of entrepreneurial activity. The media and entertainment industry is, hence, a generation of employment through all of these different yet effective working methods and systems.
One of the unique features of this industry is its flexibility not just in terms of jobs but also in terms of skill transferability. Few skills that are required in this industry most often overlap with several job positions. This leaves scope to transfer knowledge and skills from one sector to the other. For instance, Editors, reporters, producers and directors working in films, can also work in the publishing, radio and television fields.

Highly technology based

This industry runs hand in hand with technology. Every job or position in this sector, including primary positions like lighting technicians has a great amount of technological interaction. This leaves people working in this industry with great opportunities to experience new and innovative technology. This constant interaction that one can have with technology is one of the biggest perks that the Media and Entertainment industry offers. Thousands of youngsters are seeking jobs in this sector, merely for this reason.
This industry, being one of the few sectors which introduce jobs with the latest technologies, is now creating several jobs in the spaces of VFX, Animation, Graphic Designing, Rotoscoping, etc.

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Skill-based and futuristic opportunities

The media and entertainment industry is extensively skill-based. Ranging from the most primary to highly technical ones, each and every job role in this industry needs several exclusive skills. This innate need of skills in this industry has resulted in a lot of training opportunities that are being offered, both by the government and by external bodies. Apart from the external training that the employee receives, he will also become well-equipped with the necessary skills that he will acquire by working in this industry. This will help him in his future career prospects.

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