Make one for your daughter’s school bag

If you have a daughter who is 10, you need to get ready for her first period.

You might think that 10 is way too young for your daughter to get her period or even make a DIY period kit for school, but most girls start their period between 10 and 15 years of age; the average age being 12 ½.

(But every girl is different, and your daughter may start earlier or later than the average.)

The important thing is to be prepared!

You just don’t know when that first period will start – and it could possibly happen when she is at school!

A DIY Period Kit for school is what she needs.

Warning Signs – You can see it coming!

Usually first period does not just start out of the blue! There could be few warning signs before they start.

In girls, puberty consists of three stages that usually happens over two years:

  • growth of breasts
  • visibility of pubic hair
  • getting the period

So, if your daughters’ breasts have started to bud and she has some pubic hair, you need to think about making up a DIY period kit for school. She may not need for a few years yet, but it may come in handy for one of her friends.

DIY Period Kit Should Contain…..

  • Sanitary pads (tampons when they get older)
  • Fresh underpants in case they stain theirs
  • Plastic bags (to keep the stained knickers or to put the used pads in if there is not a bin around)
  • Cleansing wipes and hand cleanser (just in case they need to clean up blood off their hands before leaving the toilet cubicle)
  • Tissue paper
  • Some sweets, just to perk them up!
  • A pouch or case

Remember, the pouch/kit has to be small and compact.

Girls easily embarrassed at this age, so they will want something that is discrete and not too obvious. If you get hold of a pouch/case which looks like a pencil pouch, that would be great!

Make it Together

To start the conversation about periods, it will be a good idea if you and your daughter make up this DIY period kit together. You can explain to her about each object and how to use in in the need of time.

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