Mocking Rust 🤪 and Testing 🧪
Mocking Rust 🤪 and Testing 🧪

Advanced Rust: Managing Projects

With Barron Stone
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Duration: 1h 38m
Skill level: Advanced
Released: 3/28/2022

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Are you looking for the next step to advance from the initial Rust essential training to manage growing Rust projects and writing automated test routines? In this course, instructor Barron Stone has exactly what you need. He explains how to manage projects using the Rust module system and explores topics such as using the “mod” keyword to define modules, navigating paths in Rust, and identifying parts of a program as public or private. Barron shows you how to automate tests, using test functions, assert! macros, custom failure messages, unit tests, integration tests, and more. This course can help you take the next step in your learning journey for mastering Rust.

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Meet the instructor

Learner reviews

  • Steven Lalewicz

    Steven Lalewicz Software Systems Developer at Micro Focus
  • Ryszard Narkiewicz

    Ryszard Narkiewicz Full-Stack Developer at The Story
  • Felix Manuel Figueroa

    Felix Manuel Figueroa SW: :Dev( |🦀| &Lang.Rust(🦀) ) ;


    • The module system3m 17s
    • Packages vs. crates8m 54s
    • Defining modules3m 3s
    • Absolute vs. relative path5m 52s
    • Public modules3m 37s
    • Public structs and enums4m 25s
    • Bringing paths into scope6m 3s
    • Using external crates5m 43s
    • Separating modules into multiple files6m 27s
    • Challenge: Organize a project2m 22s
    • Solution: Organize a project3m 54s

What’s included

  • Practice while you learn 1 exercise file
  • Learn on the go Access on tablet and phone

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