Listening EPS-TOPIK 2022/ 60 Lesson book conversation full/ 한국어 대화 듣기(part 1-2)(Lesson 06-58 )
Listening EPS-TOPIK 2022/ 60 Lesson book conversation full/ 한국어 대화 듣기(part 1-2)(Lesson 06-58 )

Algebra 1 Student Activities Teacher (Book & CD) 3rd Edition

Item #: 270645
ISBN: 9781606820506
Grades: 9

Revised for 2012, this course continues into the practical methods of solving first-and second-degree equations and inequalities. Algebraic skills are introduced in logical order: relations, functions, graphing, systems of equations, radicals, factoring polynomials, rational equations, and quadratic functions. Software takes the place of solutions manual. It offers sample solutions to the problems in the text and has a drill mode for practice. New features include tutorials for graphing calculators, internet keyword searches and careers related to mathematics.

Teacher editions contain full student text with overprints of answers.

A solid thorough curriculum at all levels. Concepts are taught at the concrete level, with heavy use of manipulatives in the early grades. Elementary program texts are particularly well done – colorful, good variety of skills, and on-grade-level. For those that want to use a more traditional, yet appealing, worktext series at the elementary level, this is perhaps the best.

Teacher editions have complete lesson plans and answers to text problems. If you are using Bob Jones as your basal math program, you will want to invest in them, as they provide the one-on-one instruction, manipulative instruction, and offer many suggestions for presenting and enriching the concepts covered in each lesson. If you are not using Bob Jones as the core of your math program, consider using the student workbooks as such. We have long used the Miquon Math series and find it very effective to use the Bob Jones workbooks alongside (plus some drill products for mastery of basic math facts). If you are planning to use a different program at upper levels, we have found the transition seamless. Bob Jones supplies student worktexts though the 4th grade. This is particularly welcome for those of us with students who are not ready for a hardbound, copy-and-work system this early. Starting in grade 5, texts are hardbound.

Many homeschoolers have opted to use Saxon Math at the upper levels, but, like any program, it doesn’t satisfy everyone. If you are looking for an alternative, I suggest the Bob Jones texts. One of the strengths of the Bob Jones program is the teaching of concepts, rather than the rote how-to-solve-it approach. Also, Christian principles and character traits are assumed and integrated throughout the program. Each level is themed, providing a motivation learning context. Lessons are “spiraled”, meaning topics are reviewed throughout each level, delving a little deeper each time. This is not the same as the “incremental” approach used by Saxon Math (see description). Lesson exercises consist mainly of practice for that lesson, not a review of previous lessons or chapters. However, topics are not covered, then left forever; they reappear in more complexity throughout the course, allowing the student continuing practice. The approach you prefer depends on your child. Some children may need more concentration on the topic at hand, and Bob Jones Math will appeal to this group. Like Saxon, the people at Bob Jones are ever-ready to assist you with any difficulties you may have, including access to textbook authors.

Relatively new is the revised Geometry book for grade 10. For those desiring to approach geometry as a separate course, this revised text will supply a solid option to the Jacobs text. For those students who are not interested in pursuing math beyond algebra or geometry, Bob Jones supplies a Consumer Math course that presents math required for practical living. While there is no separate calculus course, the Advanced Math text does introduce the college-bound student to calculus.

Algebra 1 Student Activities Teacher (Book & CD) 3rd Edition


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