Become an Algebra Master in 30 Minutes a Day
Become an Algebra Master in 30 Minutes a Day

Algebra 1

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Publisher Description

Algebra isn’t just numbers and equations. It’s about the world you live in. With Glencoe Algebra, you get hands-on math applications to help you succeed in whatever career path you chose. Interactive personal tutors, animations, and practice problems let you review as much or as little as you need to prepare for success in college and beyond.
Content includes:
Relationships between Quantities
Expressions, Equations, and Functions
Linear Equations
Linear Relationships
Linear Functions
Equations of Linear Functions
Linear Inequalities
Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities
Exponential and Quadratic Relationships
Exponents and Exponential Functions
Quadratic Expressions and Equations
Quadratic Functions and Equations
Advanced Functions and Equations
Radical Functions and Geometry
Rational Functions and Equations
Data Analysis
Statistics and Probability

Customer Reviews

Great idea, needs more

I love the way the concepts are presented, visuals, tutor instruction, and examples do help with understanding. However, I bought the book as a refresher for math, not as a math student. So for me, I need access to answers to be sure that I am doing the problems correctly. Maybe two versions? One for students who have a teacher, and another for those of us working on our own. Or maybe an extension that has answers for teachers and self learners.


I’m stunned! This is absolutely incredible!

When I went to high school in a small rural Texas town in the 1970’s, I hated algebra (and math in general), mainly because I struggled to understand the dry assignments and cryptic examples given in the worn textbook. I shunned anything to do with math after that and never really learned algebra. If I’d had something like this though, I can’t help but think how different things could have turned out.
Well done Apple and McGraw Hill. We’ll surely look back on this day as the start of an education revolution.


Being an older person, I purchased this book to help keep my brain active. I suppose the process of going through the material will do that without the ability to check right/wrong answers, but it would be nice to have them available. Had the iTunes review mentioned, or had I remembered from decades of being out of school, that textbooks do not usually include answers to questions, I probably would not have purchased this book.

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