Grade 9 Math: Algebra Level 1
Grade 9 Math: Algebra Level 1

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8th-9th Grade Texas Algebra I TEKS on brown polka dot background that includes 56 cards that are perfect for posting on the board and visible for students and administration to see that your learning objectives are posted. All TEKS were taken either verbatim from TEA’s list of TEKS list revised September 2012 or summarized. No changes to TEKS as of June 2023. **This resource will be updated every year or throughout the year to ensure that all objectives are correct. Now comes with a black and white copy.

Being a teacher is difficult especially the morning or afternoon routine. These learning objective cards are meant to make it easier to list the LO’s. You can print these in standard size paper or legal form. You can also use these for center related activities or student notebooks to ensure that students are aware of what they are learning.

Once you download, you will receive them in a PDF form. Please contact me if you would like a different background to fit the theme of your classroom.

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The license you are purchasing is to use this resource only in the classroom of the teacher who purchases it. Please purchase multiple licenses for a discounted price if this is for more than one teacher. Thank you for your honesty and for respecting my work.


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