How to Get Into the Entertainment Industry 🎬 (Marketing and Production for Film/TV)
How to Get Into the Entertainment Industry 🎬 (Marketing and Production for Film/TV)

A career in the media and entertainment industry is an exciting one. It is full of incredible opportunities and is a career that will keep you constantly on your toes. In this world of instant communication, the media stays at the very core of our foundation. Print media has stood the test of time with a host of publications, dailies, fortnightly, weeklies, monthly all giving information about events with supplement of suggestions and comments by learned people. And while it is still active, the concept is moving towards digitization and is therefore quicker, more accessible, and allows for ease of updation. There’s always news to be covered, and because space isn’t a constraint anymore, there’s always place for another media professional.

When you look at other realms of the media, like Advertising, PR, or marketing, they too keep revolutionizing their dynamics to adapt to the constant change. Newer technologies demand more labour, which means there’s room for almost everyone. You have your well established organizations that have been around for decades, and you have start-ups popping up every now and then – and given the creativity and genius associated with these, there’s no reason why their success couldn’t be on par with the established ones. There’s always a scope for growth in this industry, and the constant influx of news, discoveries, or businesses leave us with so much to learn.

The same can be said about the Entertainment industry. Entertainment industry has only grown from strength to strength in terms of its quality, so much so that it forms a major part of our economy. It has adopted international standards from movies to TV shows, and Radios. The growth of technology has enabled instant access at the click of a button. Even weddings have the cash registers constantly ringing. There’s no limit to the amount of wedding planning companies considering people’s need for a little spunk and pizzazz on their special day – something that only wedding planners with all the right contacts can help with. Even if you decide to take maters in your own hands when it comes to Wedding Planning, it doesn’t stop caterers, florists, venues and photographers from raking in the moolah. Maybe it’s the adrenaline surrounding your own wedding for which you don’t seem to mind going all out, but weddings have definitely become a million dollar industry.

Whether it’s the Film and Television industry, a publishing company, or a radio broadcasting and programming company, there’s nothing you cannot do when it comes to the media and entertainment But in order to thrive, you need to know the ins and outs of this challenging, yet rewarding field. And while there are many schools out there that offer you the necessary guidance to take on your career in the media, it can be daunting to zero-in one that will encourage your creativity, teach you to push your boundaries, fine-tune and mould you into the kind of well-versed professionals the industry needs.

The 11-month full-time Post Graduate Program in Media and entertainment at Welingkar Institute’s WeSchool is a unique combination of theoretical and practical learning. In this hands-on, intensive program the students get to learn the technicalities of the industry in the class, and also get an equal chance to put this learning into practice during the 2 month Capstone Project which form an integral part of the program.

For 9 months of the program, students will receive classroom based training which includes 50% theory exposure and 50% training through live industry projects. This is followed by a 2-month Capstone project with the industry on media trends. The guidance from the advisory board and mentoring from industry experts will equip you with the necessary skill set you need for a flourishing career in the media.

“The Post Graduate program in Media and Entertainment by WeSchool is a great platform for anyone who wants a career in the industry. In just 9 months of classroom training, this course has opened up opportunities in the field of TV, Films, Digital Media marketing, Events, PR, Advertising and other verticals”, says student Shreya Acharya.

After having completed her Bachelors in Mass Media, further studies were a big concern for Garima Sharma, and that’s when she came across PGME program at Welingkar. Her experience was fulfilling because of the variety of subjects covered, from Event Management, Movie Marketing, PR, Digital Marketing, Film Distribution, etc. “The course is a must for any student who aspires to make a career in the industry because of the wonderful professors who are industry professionals themselves, with a rich experience, knowledge and insights. And because of the live projects that students get to be a part of. It is a complete package and gives total understanding of the media and entertainment industry”, she recommends.

The students have moved on to pursuing careers in Marketing, Brand Management and Communication companies, Digital, Television, Print and Radio companies, Film Production and Distribution companies, Celebrity and Sports Management companies, Advertising and PR companies, and Event and Entertainment companies. Considering the diversity of the media industry, the sky is the limit when it comes to the opportunities in this industry. We’ve listed a few below, but keep in mind that your choice of career must be something that is of absolute interest to you.

  • Event Manager – responsible for planning and smooth-sailing of events, as well as venue management – technicals, décor, catering, etc
  • Journalist – a broad ranged career where you can cover daily happenings, events and press conferences, write articles for magazines and websites, anchor news for news channels, and so much more
  • Marketing Manager– promote products, services and brands. You can also pursue Strategic Marketing, Product Marketing, Business Analysis, Branding
  • Advertising executive – Supervise advertising campaigns and the team and oversee all the components of the campaign, including product development and promotion, account management and client relationship maintenance.
  • PR Executive – Manage the information between organisations or individuals and the general public. Promote clients to their intended audiences through news items, press releases and product placements

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