Always Radiant FlexFoam Pads | Stay protected so you can wear what you want!
Always Radiant FlexFoam Pads | Stay protected so you can wear what you want!

Good product but sound a diaper!

They work great but are very crinkly sounding when wearing leggings or skirt. I am.only comfortable wearing them when I’m in jeans i feel self conscious that others can hear the rustling as I am walking or working out. They are also very long and come way up my front again feeling like a diaper! The pad is so soft and comfortable why can’t you find a different material that isn’t so noisy. Also.why do all pads have tosound like I’m opening a bag of chips in the bathroom when I’m unwrapping it

I’ve used Always pads for 30+ years and I’m so disappointed

I’ve used Always products for 30+ years and I’m so disappointed with the flex foam pads in ALL “sizes”. I have never had issues with leaking with any other Always product until now and every “size” I’ve tried proves to leak almost every time. I am forced to change my pad so frequently, the cost hardly seems worth it especially with it not even being an effective product. I am absolutely NOT confident when wearing this product, which causes needless frustration and stress. BIG disappointment!

I call these the space pads!!!

I love how they feel. This pad leaves you feeling dry and comfortable through out the day. It soaks up a lot and holds through. I forget I am wearing it. I recommended it to my friends when they come over and ask for pads.

My go to pad

I have tried all the brands out there all different kinds and the flex foam pads are the most comfortable out of all of them plus they are twice as absorbent i find as all the rest

Excellent product

Always Infinity FlexFoam Overnight Absorbency pads feel like nothing and protect like nothing else. FlexFoam pads are unbelievably thin and flexible so your pad moves with you, not against you. Zero Feel protection is possible with form fitting grooves that conform to your shape, and super absorbent holes that pull wetness away from your skin. Always’ driest top layer is breathable, so you can say goodbye to hot and stuffy. With Always Infinity FlexFoam pads your period is the last thing on your mind. Up to 12 hours Zero Leaks, Zero Feel with Always Infinity FlexFoam Overnight Absorbency period padsThe only pad made of FlexFoam not fluff, so it seamlessly conforms to your bodyEven on heavy days, FlexFoam pads absorb 50% more than the leading ultra thin padFeatures a 50% larger back than Infinity Size 1 for worry-free protectionFind your perfect fit with the Always My Fit sizing chart (available in Sizes 1-5). Would highly recommend this product.

High absorbency…

I like the soft and smooth texture of this pads. Thin but very high in absorbency, comfortable to use. Stays in place. I only use the cotton before but when I tried the flex foam, I really like it.

No more leaks!

I always hated the time of the month. It was so uncomfortable and I was always scared of leaks. But I feel so protected when I’m using Always Infinity pads. Gone are the days where I used to get worried that a leak had come through. I’ve been using this pad for years and I’m so happy with it.

Staple purchase

I like using these quite a lot and I love the fact that these are long. I don’t like to use pads that are short. I find these very comfortable to the point that it feels like I’m not even wearing a pad!

These change the pad world with foam

I recently switched to these pads after someone recommended them. My only issue is how long they are(but thats my issue with most pads). But other then that they are so light weight i never worry about leaking and they are comfortable and i always feel fresh.

The best pad

These pads are like no other. They’re super absorbent, super comfortable, and super thin. So thin it feels like I’m not even wearing a pad. Periods are already uncomfortable enough, your pad shouldn’t be. With Always Infinitly, my periods are more comfortable.

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