Is DC League of Super-Pets doggone good fun for families? | Common Sense Movie Minute
Is DC League of Super-Pets doggone good fun for families? | Common Sense Movie Minute

Product description

SENSICAL is the safest streaming app for kids 2-10 backed by Common Sense Media. Thousands of hand-selected, educational, and engaging videos for kids. Kids can scroll, tap, and follow along with the creators they know and characters they love from Sesame Studios, PJ Masks, Peppa Pig, Super Simple, Thomas & Friends, Mother Goose Club, Pinkfong! Kids’ Songs & Stories, The Wiggles, Oddbods, Molang, Mouk, and many more.
But we didn’t stop there….
Sensical is always:
Kids can safely and easily scroll, tap and enjoy 50+ exciting kids’ channels built around their favorite topics across 3 unique content experiences: Preschool (2-4), Little Kids (5-7), and Big Kids (8-10).
Sensical’s child development experts are always on the hunt for great creators and stories, and only the best-of-the-best meet our high standards for educational value, engagement and fun. You can rest assured that each minute your child watches Sensical is time well spent.
Sensical isn’t just free to download. Watch and enjoy free (really, free) videos for kids anytime, on any device. Each version of Sensical: Preschool, Little Kids, and Big Kids also includes a free live streaming kids’ channel. With Sensical, you and your child can choose what to watch whenever, wherever.
Sensical is inspired by Common Sense Media – guided by experts and trusted by parents. We screen and approve every frame of every video, so you can have confidence that what your kids are watching is age-appropriate, educational, and features positive role models. Because our experts carefully review every sponsor, Sensical is also free of inappropriate ads.
Plus, we’ve created free and easy tools for parents and caregivers to make the best choices when it comes to kids’ streaming, including:
• Why It’s Sensical features quick overviews of each Sensical video, explaining what it’s about and what key lessons it includes, so you can easily decide if it’s the right fit for your kid.
• Sensical ParentZone gives a closer look at what your kids are watching, what they’re learning, and how you can join in and take the lessons even further.
Download Sensical NOW
Kids can:
• Follow their passions across 15,000+ videos, from preschool shows to content for little and big kids with characters they already know and love
• Learn more about their favorite topics in 50+ exciting kids’ channels
• Check out live-streaming kids’ channels made just for them: 2up, 5up, and 8up
Parents Can:
• Access Why It’s Sensical & ParentZone dashboard
• Set up unique profiles for each of their kids
• Trust that every video — including ads — has been selected to meet the high standards of real child development experts
Sensical does not collect any personally identifiable information from your child.
We’re here to answer your questions and hear how we can make Sensical the very best kids’ streaming app for you and your family. You can message us at [email protected].

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