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Did They Go Too Far? | Reading Reddit Stories

r/TIFU means Today I Fucked Up

I am visiting at my boyfriend’s house and brought all of my own bathroom supplies because, like with many other past boyfriends, my SO does not use the greatest products. If I used his brands, my hair would be stiff and dull and I just wouldn’t feel clean. I am having my monthly cycle and I had warned him of this ahead of time in case he wanted to try and be sexy during my stay.

Well, today, I decided to take a shower. His vent doesn’t work, so he asked me to leave the door open a crack so that the steam could escape the room and didn’t do any damage. I happened to bring a body wash of a certain brand beginning in the letter, ‘C’, and he happens to not own a loufa. I didn’t think anything of it, but my body wash is literally blood red. It’s hard to tell the difference when you actually apply it directly to your skin and not on a loufa. Just as I was dumping this body wash over my chest and arms and rubbing it over my belly, my boyfriend walked in unannounced and unheard by myself and he pulled back the shower curtain.

His face was absolutely priceless in my opinion, but I’m sure he felt mortified. From his perspective, I was rubbing my own period blood all over my body in the shower. Because the body wash was applied directly to my skin it was taking a few seconds more for me to get it to suds up, and the consistency of it was also quite compelling, but he happened to walk in too soon. He just gave me a quick, “sorry!”, and hustled out of the bathroom.

I personally find this little mishap to be quite hilarious, but he still seems a tad bit shaken up despite my explaining to him that it was body wash. I think he was sincerely convinced it was my own blood.

TL;DR Used a red body wash while on my period during shower at my boyfriend’s house. Boyfriend walked in and immediately assumed I was rubbing my own period blood over myself.


Picture of the body wash on my skin

Picture of the body wash after I wiped it off with a rag

Edit 2:

My bathroom lighting is a little more yellow than I would prefer. I took a photo of the bottle in more natural lighting to show high highly pigmented it is. I’ve also been trying to upvote as many people as I can.

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