Half in the Bag: Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny
Half in the Bag: Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny


Please hear me out.

They use play to discuss topics of cultural importance. We, as movie goers and more broadly as consumers of media, have been elevated by their criticisms and knowledge about film. They’ve given countless numbers of young internet-people the confidence to have their own thought-about opinions about movies, TV shows, etc.

Of course it started with the Plinkett thing…but the ecosystem of criticism culture that’s been grown around it since then is pretty great. As an example, I’m very happy that two intelligent people can have substantive but wholly opposing opinions about Jurassic World, have it be interesting to listen to, and each side learn something from the other by the end. This is nothing but good for everything.

As for their style of criticism, it’s never exclusive…it’s always presented as welcoming and suggestive instead of 100% “if u don’t like this ur stupid twat”. Aside from friendly ribbing of course.

I’ve taken Ambien tonight and my thoughts are disorganized, so i’m sorry this isn’t structured as well as I’d like it to be.

I guess I mostly wanted to say how much I appreciate the existence of this channel and channels like it….I see it doing only good things for the movie and storytelling arts. And as much as I love storytelling and believe in its fundamental place in human intelligence and expansion, I don’t think you can deny some direct influences they had in public opinion about Star Wars that resulted in us getting a….let’s face it, pretty fucking great new Star Wars movie….and I say that as someone who is lukewarm toward the original trilogy and who utterly hates the prequels.

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