Mtk Cpu \u0026 eMMC Reballing And Installation
Mtk Cpu \u0026 eMMC Reballing And Installation

IX-G2 Dual Energy X-ray System for Detecting Foreign Bodies in Food

Making foreign body detection transparent

The IX-G2 X-ray inspection system offers unrivalled performance for your production line. It detects low-density foreign bodies, such as bone, shell and rubber in complex food products like poultry, overlapping products, or products with uneven surfaces.

The IX-G2 uses dual sensor (dual energy) technology to create high-quality images, generated by using high energy X-rays for product images and low energy X-rays for potential foreign body images.

If you have a high-speed line that requires ultimate foreign body detection, the IX-G2 dual-energy X-ray system could be ideal for you.



Unique and unrivalled sensitivity to low density contaminants like bone that increases accuracy and minimises false rejects


X-ray can perform multiple quality control tasks, including product counts, integrity checks, and weight estimation


Ishida patented Genetic Algorithms let you develop unique image analysis filters for your target foreign bodies in your products


Feeds, conveyors and detection settings are easily adjustable for red meat, poultry and fish products

Food X-ray Inspection System - Ishida IX-G2

What can dual sensor technology do?

Dual Sensor technology makes the IX-G2 the most effective X-ray solution available for low density foreign body detection.

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Total Cost of Ownership at less than 3% per annum

Ishida has introduced unique low-cost packages for new X-ray machines that incorporate complete coverage for the units over a 5-year period.


Accurate and efficient

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IX-G2 for poultry

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