Graphing Trigonometric Functions, Phase Shift, Period, Transformations, Tangent, Cosecant, Cosine
Graphing Trigonometric Functions, Phase Shift, Period, Transformations, Tangent, Cosecant, Cosine

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Worksheet 9: Trig Functions

For this math worksheet, students are given 7 problems in which they write expressions for trig functions, compute limits and graph functions.

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Graphing Trigonometric Functions

Double win with a comprehensive worksheet and an excellent worked out answer key. The worksheet itself is twelve pages and begins with the simple sine and cosine graphs, then, develops into the reciprocal trig functions.

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Inverse Trig Functions

Learners solve and graph 10 different problems that are the inverses of various trig functions. First, they determine which equation is equivalent to a given equation. Then, they find an angle of a right triangle, given its leg lengths….

Proving Trigonometric Identities

Young mathematicians first learn the basics of proving trigonometric identities. They then practice this skill on several examples.

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Graphs of the OTHER Trig Functions

Young scholars graph trigonometric functions. In this precalculus lesson, students identify the properties of secant ,cosecant and cotangent. They use the unit circle as their formula to graph and analyze these functions.

Basic Trigonometric Identities from Graphs

Have young mathematicians create new identities! They explore the even/odd, cofunction, and periodicity identities through an analysis of tables and graph. Next, learners discover the relationships while strengthening their understanding…

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Trig Transformations

Learners investigate trigonometric function. In this Algebra II instructional activity, high schoolers explore functional notation and transformational graphing of trigonometric functions.

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Using Technology to Represent Mathematical Identities

Students explore the concept of trig identities. In this trig identity lesson, students use Mathematica to graph trig identities. Students see the trig identities graphically and enforce the notion that two trig functions can be equivalent.

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Graphing Trig Functions

In this graphing trig functions worksheet, students find the amplitude of each function. They graph the function. This four-page worksheet contains 12 problems. Answers are provided on the last two pages.

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Evaluating Trig equations and Solving Trig Identities

In this trigonometry worksheet, students match trig expressions to their exact value, evaluate trig equations, graph trig equations, and prove trig identities. There are 61 questions.

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6.5 Skill Builder: Trigonometric Identities

In this trigonometric identities worksheet, high schoolers solve 16 multi-part short answer problems. Students use the quotient identity and Pythagorean identity to simplify trigonometric expressions. High schoolers factor trigonometric…

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Graphing Trig Functions

In this trig activity, students graph the six trig functions and identify the period of each function. There are 4 questions.

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Trig Cheat Sheet

Your pre-calculus learners will make use of this wonderful cheat sheet that summarizes all things trigonometric. Definitions based on both the unit circle and the right triangle are included, as well as many convenient trigonometric…

Graphing the Tangent Function

Help learners discover the unique characteristics of the tangent function. Working in teams, pupils create tables of values for different intervals of the tangent function. Through teamwork, they discover the periodicity, frequency, and…

Project Maths

Trigonometric Functions

From a circle to a cycle! The final instructional activity of a five-part series challenges learners to use points from the unit circle to plot a repeating pattern. The repeating patterns become the graphs of the trigonometric functions….

Mathematics Vision Project

Module 6: Trigonometric Functions

Create trigonometric functions from circles. The first lesson of the module begins by finding coordinates along a circular path created by a Ferris Wheel. As the lessons progress, pupils graph trigonometric functions and relate them to…

Properties of Trigonometric Functions

Given a value of one trigonometric function, it is easy to determine others. Learners use the periodicity of trigonometric functions to develop properties. After studying the graphs of sine, cosine, and tangent, the lesson connects them…

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Proof of Identity

Students explore trigonometric identities. In this Algebra II instructional activity, students use graphing to verify the reciprocal identities. Using Cabri Jr, students investigate the Pythagorean trigonometric identities and the…

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Does Your Field Measure Up

Students measure angles using a plane table kit. In this geometry lesson, students use trigonometric identities to find the values of the length of a football field.

Revisiting the Graphs of the Trigonometric Functions

Use the graphs of the trigonometric functions to set the stage to inverse functions. The lesson reviews the graphs of the basic trigonometric functions and their transformations. Pupils use their knowledge of graphing functions to model…


Trig Tour

Unit circles and trigonometric graphs go hand in hand. Pupils see how traversing the unit circle allows for the creation of graphs for trigonometric functions. They also see trigonometric ratios in terms of the ordered pairs of points on…

CK-12 Foundation

Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions: Derivative of sin(x)

Graphically find the derivative of sin(x). Using the interactive, pupils graph the slope of the tangent line to the sine function. Class members use the resulting graph to determine the derivative of the sine function. They verify their…

Mathematics Vision Project

Module 7: Trigonometric Functions, Equations, and Identities

Show your class that trigonometric functions have characteristics of their own. A resource explores the features of trigonometric functions. Learners then connect those concepts to inverse trigonometric functions and trigonometric…

Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Build on the understanding of finding angles using trigonometric ratios. Pupils develop the definitions of inverse trigonometric functions by restricting their domains in the 13th lesson plan of a 16-part series. They use inverse…

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