Convergence of Dominion Worst Unit In The Codex? Review/Tactics – 9th Ed Necrons – Warhammer 40k
Convergence of Dominion Worst Unit In The Codex? Review/Tactics – 9th Ed Necrons – Warhammer 40k

The Necron faction is getting new 40k models too, terrain, in fact, so be sure to check out the latest that was just revealed by GW!

Warhammer Community just revealed the Dominion of Convergence terrain piece for the Necrons. With that said, it’s actually not the first time these models have popped up in 9th Edition previews. They were in the background of the first look at the entire Necron showcase.

First Appearance of Convergence of Dominion

See those three structures in the upper-left frame of the picture? When we first saw this picture, it was difficult to tell if that was just GW adding flare to the army with out-of-game models or if they would actually have their own rules.

GW Announces Necron Terrain Piece: Convergence of Dominion LATEST

Each Convergence of Dominion consists of three Starstele (they’re the big obelisk-type things), which are seriously durable and armed with impressively deadly transdimensional abductors! Even better, they bolster units from your dynasty that are nearby and, with the help of a friendly Cryptek, can perform Translocation Protocols to redeploy across the battlefield.

While no rules have been officially revealed yet, we know a Cryptek model operating these things can help fling friendly units across the battlefield.

Mobility has historically been one of the weaker points of the Necron Army. Looking forward, we may see more Triarch Praetorians and Lychguard used in-game.

We’re sure there will be some limit that these three obelisks have to be set up in. But overall, the models are sweet. They come in three different conditions- ranging from all-stone to virtually no stone at all.

What do you think about GW showing love to Necrons for faction terrain? Is more mobility exactly what the Necrons needed?

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