Do you have self-integrity?
Do you have self-integrity?

I can be an asshole. Not so much to others any more, but when it comes to being a jerk to myself, there is a little more slack on that trait’s leash than some of my other bad traits. And if I didn’t get the message this round to cut that out already, my foot sure did.

Have a seat. I certainly needed to.

Negative Thoughts and the Higher Self

There I was, headed down to Florida with my sister Marnie and her husband, HG CEO Shir Nir, to stay at my brother and his family’s stunning glass house on the water. I’d never been, but a few days before we left, I told Marnie and Shir that I had this dark thought that I was going to fall down an entire flight of steps at his house. Problem, besides the obvious, was that even though I confessed the thought, I did not talk back to it.


At Handel Group, rule of thumb, once you purge (dump your negative thoughts in a stream of consciousness), you do a talkback. Which means you intervene on your higher self’s behalf and talk back to your lower self’s dark, dooming, negative thoughts. Seemingly, my higher self was a tad too busy to talk back. Preoccupied with what you wonder?

Stepping over my integrity breaches.

Integrity Breaches

Integrity breach?

One of the foundational principles of The Handel Method is Personal Integrity®, which is the ability to keep promises to ourselves that are a match with our highest ideals for ourselves. In other words, what you say and do and think is in service of your dreams.

A rule of thumb for me is that when my integrity is ‘out’ I get three strikes before God, the Universe, or whatever you believe in, dings me. Odd, I know, but bear with me. Is it legit? Only if I believe it (which I really, truly do). And we all know, if you’ve been around me, HG, and/or my IG Lives: whatever we believe we prove.

So, buckle up. Here’s the other two integrity breaches I let my lower self get away with.

Fairly recently, I started hiking six days a week with my two sisters and I’m loving it. I haven’t done cardio like that in forever. Mind you, I have my mother’s not great bone density and it’s been going down.

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Enter, breach two:

My functional medicine doctor (our partner, Dr Gabrielle Lyon) put me on a regimen of vitamins to deal with this genetic quirk, and of course I followed them, mostly… You know, I took the morning ones, but the afternoon, evening, AND weekend (!!) ones, come on, give the girl a break.

And, three…

I ALSO know that I’ve got the type of ankles that need good sneakers when I hike, but I found these fun little wine colored Pumas that you slide into, that don’t have laces, that are so comfortable…and cute. Clearly, my lower self not only thinks she’s a doctor, she’s a podiatrist and stylist, too.

In other words, I was not keeping my promises to take care of my body so that I can be fit, strong, hot, and healthy (my dream).

How to Help Your Higher Self Win

Guess what form my divine ding came in?

No, I didn’t fall down an entire staircase. Instead, I fell down one big step and fractured my 5th metatarsal. So, I head to the hospital to get treatment, and guess what I had to wear on my foot for the next 6-8 weeks.

An integrity boot. No shit. That’s really what it’s called.

Needless to say, I called Dr Lyon to confess everything, ordered new (ergonomically designed) sneakers, and now as a coach I’m teaching everyone I know about the battle between my higher self and lower self, and theirs. So that you all can learn from my mis-step.

Think about it. What does YOUR lower self discuss with you that you listen to like it’s profound?

Where is your lower self running your life? Why not take on hearing it, and going no, no, no, no, no.

Put the integrity back in wherever it has slipped, wherever it’s trying to talk you out of something or into something that has nothing to do with you and your dream life. Tell it to give you a break.

A figurative one, of course.



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