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Choosing internal doors: Solid core or hollow core?

When it comes to choosing the right interior door for your home or office, a major consideration commonly overlooked is what door core type to choose. The main factors people tend to focus on are the aesthetics of the door, however, taking time to consider your new door’s core can pay off in the long run.

You’ll likely come across two main core types: hollow core and solid core. Both have their own set of pros and cons, and it can be tough to decide which one is the best fit for your needs.

Let’s compare both options to help you decide on the right choice for your home.

Short on time? Jump to our table for a quick overview of hollow core doors and solid core doors or our summarised video on both core types.


Lightweight and Affordable

Constructed from a softwood frame and honeycomb paper inner, sandwiched between thin flush or die-moulded fiberboard skins, hollow core doors are light and easy to install. Their lightweight nature means they close easily with minimum effort and only require lightweight hinges.

They are also the most affordable option, which can be a major draw if you’re looking for something that’s functional and cost-effective.


Feel and Insulation

Whilst hollow core doors are less expensive and perfect for someone on a budget, their lightweight nature can provide a less premium feel. You probably open and close your doors more than you realise and may well miss the satisfying ‘clunk’ of a higher-quality door.

The honeycomb paper core provides a high level of compressional and structural strength for its weight, however, its hollow nature means that there is less material to slow down the transfer of heat or cold, making the door less insulating.

Solid core doors


Solid core doors are generally a little more expensive than a hollow core equivalent, however, this comes with a number of benefits.

Sound control and privacy

The value of sound insulation and privacy in the home or office is often underestimated, especially as many people’s homes are also now their offices. Solid core doors help to reduce the transmission of sound from room to room, creating a quieter and more comfortable living or working environment.

Long-lasting and hardwearing

Solid core doors are not only solid by name but solid by nature and can withstand the bumps and knocks of everyday use. This makes them the perfect choice for busy households, where their durability and resistance to heavy use are a top priority. Solid core doors stand the test of time, providing you with the peace of mind that they will maintain their appearance and functionality for longer.

Robust & functionality

As well as the many functional benefits, there are aesthetic advantages to solid core doors too. They are sturdy enough to take fixings or hooks for hanging your coats or bags anywhere on the surface.

Upgrade the feel of your home.

Quality is often in the detail, and the satisfying ‘clunk’ on the closure of solid core doors gives a sense of quality and luxury, which can really enhance the overall perception of your home.
The weight and sturdiness of the door, the smoothness of the opening and closing, and the sense of privacy it provides can all contribute to an elevated and refined atmosphere in your home.

Thinking of selling?… You may be surprised by the value that solid core doors can add to your home’s appeal.



A drawback of solid core doors can be their weight, especially when it comes to their installation. Solid core doors can be fairly heavy (some are upwards of 35 kg), which can make them tricky to handle during installation.

Initial investment

When compared to a hollow core alternative, the initial investment in purchasing solid core doors can be more expensive. This can sometimes lead people into buying the cheaper alternative, often without knowing the true longer-term value of purchasing a solid core option.

While both hollow core and solid core doors have their own unique benefits, solid core doors offer a better investment in the long term, providing better sound insulation, improved thermal performance, and a higher quality feel. Although they are more expensive than the hollow core alternative, for most homeowners these added benefits make this option much better value for money.

Which solid core door is right for you?

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