My First and Worst Period Experiences
My First and Worst Period Experiences

Difference Engine is a Singapore-based comics publisher, inspired by stories from Asia. They are committed to publishing diverse, well-written, and beautifully illustrated comics of all genres, both print and digital.

Recently, they published a unique comic based on the topic of menstruation, titled A DRIP. A DROP. A DELUGE: A PERIOD TRAGICOMEDY written and illustrated by Andeasyand.

A Drip. A Drop. A Deluge: A Period Tragicomedy comic with Art Print, Hard Enamel Pin and Stickers to promote period positivity

We spoke to Josephine Tan, Marketing Manager, Difference Engine about this recent release.

Read the exciting conversation below:

Team Gumtoo: Hi Josephine, congratulations to you and the Difference Engine Team on the publication of A Drip. A Drop. A Deluge: A Period Tragicomedy.

Could you share the inspiration behind the Period Tragicomedy comics?

Josephine: A Drip. A Drop. A Deluge: A Period Tragicomedy unapologetically spills the beans on what it is like to have periods, covering different stages of a woman’s menstruation journey from menarche to menopause. The book follows six Asian characters as they navigate their menstrual cycles and the emotions that accompany them.

Preview: A Drip. A Drop. A Deluge

Preview: A Drip. A Drop. A Deluge

Funny and relatable anecdotes ranging from toilet emergencies to period rashes will have readers chortling or grimacing in empathy. Readers will also enjoy the bite-sized facts about menstruation that are sprinkled throughout the book.

Team Gumtoo: That sounds interesting! Could you share something about the author, Andeasyand?

Josephine: The creator of the comic is Nurulhuda Izyan, who goes by the moniker Andeasyand. Born and raised in Singapore, she serendipitously discovered the world of illustration and found ways to describe the beauty of the ordinary with doodles and scribbles. With that new power, she navigates difficult topics like menstruation, anxiety, marriage, weight, as well as silly daily musings.

Though A Drip. A Drop. A Deluge: A Period Tragicomedy she hopes that she can help people who are shy or hesitant to talk about how menstruation affects them.

No one talks about period enough and it messes up your life once a week or two, affects your work, relationships, and mood, and we’re supposed to make it seem like we got it all together.

The flux in emotions was so huge, I began to see the humour in it. At first, I used art to describe the funk that I felt, and then I started drawing out the shame or the humour in an exaggerated fashion. I suppose deep inside, I harboured the hope that this could help someone else.

Author and Illustrator, Andeasyand (Nurulhuda Izyan)

Image Credit: Andeasyand

Team Gumtoo: How did the comic book project come to fruition? What does Difference Engine aim with this book?

Josephine: A Drip. A Drop. A Deluge: A Period Tragicomedy was a commissioned project. We searched for a while for a suitable writer and artist before we reached out to Andeasyand We loved how she’s able to convey so much emotion with her simple line art and use of colours.

We were impressed by how Andeasyand used the comic medium so deftly to tell short and impactful stories.

Felicia Low-Jimenez, Publisher at Difference Engine

With this book, the Difference Engine team hopes that the stories within can provide a starting point for people to discuss periods.

As Felicia Low-Jimenez, Publisher at Difference Engine, says, “Half of the world’s population experiences menstruation, yet the topic is oftentimes shrouded in secrecy and shame. Izyan’s comics bring some of these stories into the open, and in doing so, add to the growing conversation around periods so others can candidly share their own stories.”

Shreya, the editor of the book, says, “I remember how years ago, I would scour the Internet to find anything (that wasn’t a research paper) to try and figure out what and how to feel when I lost my period, and to find stories about other people who had gone through something similar, just to revel in the comfort that someone else would have emerged from my plight. These stories were hard to find, buried deep beneath anonymous blogs and forums.”

Author and Illustrator of A Drip. A Drop. A Deluge: A Period Tragicomedy, Andeasyand(right) with Shreya(left), Editor of the book at the Singapore Writers Festival

At DE, we talk about menstruation candidly (and a lot!), so when we were in talks about having a project focusing on stories about how different people experienced menstruation, I was sold. I firmly believe that these stories deserve a space in mainstream media – whether for education, for representation, or even to feel a little less alone in the world.

Team Gumtoo: How has the book been received? Any reactions that you would like to share?

Josephine: People have been extremely supportive. We sent out early review copies to poet Pooja Nansi, author Audrey Chin, and artist Charis Loke who all replied very enthusiastically and supportively. When we reached out to Women Unbounded, they were immediately keen to work with us and spread the word about period positivity. Additionally, we’ve collaborated with two companies, She Period and The Period Co., on sales and promotional activities as well.

The stories in A Drip. A Drop. A Deluge: A Period Tragicomedy are painfully relatable, bringing me back to my youth and my early struggles with menstruation.
Sprinkled with humour and educational tidbits, I highly recommend this book for menstruators of all ages.

Founders of The Period Co. Ann Gee and Matt shared their thoughts on the book. Ann says, “Artist Andeasyand brilliantly illustrates the feelings and emotions that comes with PMS, overflowing and missed periods, making you feel less alone in the lifelong quest to understand your menstrual cycle. For those who have not experienced menstruation before, these stories may provide a perspective they have never considered.”

Matt adds, “After reading the comics, I immediately asked my girlfriend if pads were really called ‘mian bao’ when she was growing up. From the stories of a young teen’s first period to a mature woman reaching menopause, the comics are eye opening for men to read what the menstruating population experiences.”

Team Gumtoo: We are looking forward to reading the book! Where can we purchase it? And what is the Deluge Bundle? What does it include?

Josephine: Thank you!

The 40-page comic is sold in a ‘’Deluge Bundle” which contains 10 stickers based on illustrations in the comic, an A6-size limited-edition art print by Andeasyand and a hard enamel pin to promote period positivity.

Hard Enamel Pin, part of the Deluge Bundle to promote period positivity

Kiss-cut Stickers, part of the Deluge Bundle

The bundle is available for purchase at

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All Image Credits: Difference Engine

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