Integration of sec x tan x
Integration of sec x tan x

CBSE Class 12-commerce Answered

Integrate [ 1+ 2tanx(tanx +secx)]^1/2

Asked by anjali | 15 Feb, 2017, 06:01: PM

Answered by | 15 Feb, 2017, 06:24: PM

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CBSE 12-commerce – Maths

Asked by grdsagar97 | 03 Jun, 2023, 11:07: AM

CBSE 12-commerce – Maths

from a group of 4 engineers, 3 economic and 2 statisticians a committee of 3 persons is to be selected. find the probability that 1)committee has 1 member 2)exactly 1 engineer and 2 economists

Asked by kharatsrushti572 | 13 May, 2023, 07:59: PM

CBSE 12-commerce – Maths

Asked by aniketsingh25027 | 07 May, 2023, 02:39: PM

CBSE 12-commerce – Maths

If we want â¹8,640 three years from now and the compounded interest rate is 20% p.a how much should we invest today? (assuming interest is compounded yearly)

Asked by manojlodhval | 09 Sep, 2022, 11:33: PM

CBSE 12-commerce – Maths

Asked by ranjanasingh25812 | 16 May, 2022, 09:01: PM

CBSE 12-commerce – Maths

A certain scheme of a bank offers an annuity of rupees 1800 for 10 years if invest rupees 12000. What will be the rate of interest

Asked by rj21071997 | 02 May, 2022, 03:49: PM

CBSE 12-commerce – Maths

The mean output of a group of 50 workers was found to be 240 article. Afterwards it was detected that the output of one worker was wrongly recorded as 320 instead of 230 find the corrected value of mean outputquestion image

question image

Asked by lokeshshah0404 | 09 Nov, 2021, 02:40: PM

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Bill is drawn on 2nd march 2020 for 9 month was dosconted on 3rd april 2020.what is the legal due date

Asked by sumitfulsundar732 | 09 Aug, 2021, 09:09: AM

CBSE 12-commerce – Maths

Asked by sehgalshubham86 | 12 Jan, 2021, 07:31: PM

CBSE 12-commerce – Maths

In a city 1% of population is actually suffering from covid 19. A laboratory test is 95% effective is detecting the disease when it was actually present. however lab test yeilds a false positive results for 0.5% of healthy person’s test. A person was selected for test and test report was positive, find the probality he was not loving disease.

Asked by mike010thedanger | 11 Dec, 2020, 11:22: AM

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