French Drain and Foundation Waterproofing System
French Drain and Foundation Waterproofing System

Interior Waterproofing

Almost all basement leaks can be repaired from either inside a basement, or from the outside by excavating and waterproofing the foundation walls. While you generally have the choice of either approach, there are times when the installation of an internal perimeter drain system is either the most logical or the most appropriate choice.

AquaGuard Injection & Waterproofing® specializes in the installation of interior perimeter drainage systems which completely resolve foundation leaks and water infiltration into your basement.

When an Interior Waterproofing System is The Best Choice

1. External excavation and waterproofing cannot be accomplished due to limited accessibility for equipment and soil placement;
2. External excavation is undesirable because patios, decks, landscaping, etc., would have to be destroyed in order to permit excavation of the foundation;
3. When it is suspected that water in the basement originates, not from leaking foundation walls exclusively but, from a rising water table beneath the basement floor slab;
4. For financial reasons because internal waterproofing systems typically cost ½ of what it costs to externally excavate and waterproof a foundation; and
5. When mouldy finished basement walls need to be removed and disposed of and basement waterproofing is required.

How an Interior Perimeter Drain System is Installed

The installation of this system is accomplished as follows:

1. If the basement wall requiring waterproofing is finished, the finished wall is completely removed and disposed of;
2. The basement floor slab is opened to expose the footing;
3. Specialized interior weeping tile is installed in order to capture and channel the water that is leaking into the basement;
5. The cinder blocks (or concrete blocks) are setup to drain;
6. A membrane is installed on the wall to grade or higher;
7. A sump pump with a perforated sump liner is installed if a sump pump is not available;
8. The floor slab is returned to its original condition; and
The job site is cleaned up.

Interior Perimeter Drainage System – Interior concrete block waterproofing

The following illustration is representative of a typical interior basement waterproofing system installation.

Note: We do not recommend the installation of this internal system to fix leaks from poured concrete foundations.

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