Strategies to Solve Multi Step Linear Equations with Fractions
Strategies to Solve Multi Step Linear Equations with Fractions

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Algebra 1

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Linear equations with variables on both sides: Solving equations & inequalitiesLinear equations with parentheses: Solving equations & inequalitiesAnalyzing the number of solutions to linear equations: Solving equations & inequalities

Two-variable linear equations intro: Linear equations & graphsSlope: Linear equations & graphsHorizontal & vertical lines: Linear equations & graphs

Intro to slope-intercept form: Forms of linear equationsGraphing slope-intercept equations: Forms of linear equationsWriting slope-intercept equations: Forms of linear equations

Introduction to systems of equations: Systems of equationsSolving systems of equations with substitution: Systems of equationsSolving systems of equations with elimination: Systems of equations

Evaluating functions: FunctionsInputs and outputs of a function: FunctionsFunctions and equations: FunctionsInterpreting function notation: FunctionsIntroduction to the domain and range of a function: FunctionsDetermining the domain of a function: Functions

Recognizing functions: FunctionsMaximum and minimum points: FunctionsIntervals where a function is positive, negative, increasing, or decreasing: FunctionsInterpreting features of graphs: FunctionsAverage rate of change: FunctionsAverage rate of change word problems: FunctionsIntro to inverse functions: Functions

Exponential vs. linear growth: Exponential growth & decayExponential expressions: Exponential growth & decayGraphs of exponential growth: Exponential growth & decay

Multiplying monomials by polynomials: Quadratics: Multiplying & factoringMultiplying binomials: Quadratics: Multiplying & factoringSpecial products of binomials: Quadratics: Multiplying & factoringIntroduction to factoring: Quadratics: Multiplying & factoring

Factoring quadratics intro: Quadratics: Multiplying & factoringFactoring quadratics by grouping: Quadratics: Multiplying & factoringFactoring quadratics with difference of squares: Quadratics: Multiplying & factoringFactoring quadratics with perfect squares: Quadratics: Multiplying & factoringStrategy in factoring quadratics: Quadratics: Multiplying & factoring

Intro to parabolas: Quadratic functions & equationsSolving and graphing with factored form: Quadratic functions & equationsSolving by taking the square root: Quadratic functions & equationsVertex form: Quadratic functions & equationsSolving quadratics by factoring: Quadratic functions & equationsThe quadratic formula: Quadratic functions & equations

Completing the square intro: Quadratic functions & equationsMore on completing the square: Quadratic functions & equationsStrategizing to solve quadratic equations: Quadratic functions & equationsQuadratic standard form: Quadratic functions & equationsFeatures & forms of quadratic functions: Quadratic functions & equationsComparing quadratic functions: Quadratic functions & equationsTransforming quadratic functions: Quadratic functions & equations

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