Câu Chuyện Về Những Hộ Vương Trung Thành Trong ELDEN RING | #KeChuyenGame
Câu Chuyện Về Những Hộ Vương Trung Thành Trong ELDEN RING | #KeChuyenGame

The Leisure King (娯楽王; Goraku-ō, Lit. “Entertainment King”) is an antagonist featured in the Real Estate Royale sidestory of Yakuza 0.



The Leisure King appears to be a relatively young man sporting messily slicked back hair. He has an average build.


The Leisure King wears aviator sunglasses, a gold chain, a red dress shirt, leopard print pants, and black oxfords.

04 November 2020

17 April 2018

09 December 2015


The Leisure King is a very laid-back, relaxed man who sees the real estate competition as a game: something he does for entertainment. He only loses his composure once Kiryu has taken the majority of his holdings. However, after he’s been kicked out of the Five Billionaires and has joined up with Kiryu, he’s back to his relaxed self. He enjoys drinking and karaoke as his main forms of recreation.


The Leisure King is a member of the Five Billionaires; the cabal of unscrupulous real estate moguls that controlled most businesses in Kamurocho during the 1980’s. He controlled the area around Tenkaichi Street and specialized in light recreation, owning mostly restaurants and bars.

Yakuza 0[]

The Leisure King was the first of the Five Billionaires that Kazuma Kiryu took on during his quest to break the Billionaires’ hold on Kamurocho. Kiryu first encountered him on the street near Mach Bowl, right after the LK beat up Kiryu’s client Yamanoi for trying to acquire real estate on his turf. Seeing the dirty tactics that the Billionaires were willing to resort to in order to maintain their dominance, Kiryu decided to join forces with Yamanoi and his assistant, Marina Shiraishi to take them down.

Kiryu and the Leisure King would encounter each other once again after Kiryu had acquired 60% of the Leisure King’s businesses. With the intent of getting some of those assets back, the LK challenged Kiryu to a karaoke battle, where the winner would take 10% of the loser’s holdings. Both men agreed to sing Judgement -Shinpan- for their musical duel.

Once Kiryu acquired 90% of the Leisure King’s holdings, the Billionaire lured Kiryu into a trap behind Serena where he and his chief of security, Takehsita, ambushed him. Despite the Leisure King’s best efforts, Kiryu managed to beat him and his lackeys. After the fight, the other four Billionaires arrive on the scene, resulting in the Leisure King pleading with them for help. Unfortunately for him, the other Billionaires decided that his defeat meant he was no longer worthy of being a part of their team, so they expelled him before challenging Kiryu to take them on.

Humiliated and with no further option, the Leisure King and Takeshita pleaded with Kiryu to let them join his company, to which the former yakuza agreed. The Leisure King would go on to aid Kiryu in his mission to take down the Billionaires by serving as a manager at his company. He would also help Kiryu prepare for his final battle against the Billionaire’s leader, the Finance King.

Fighting Style[]

The Leisure King uses Bruce Ebinuma’s moveset. He frequently does Ebinuma’s stun punch and flying kick.

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