12 Reasons Why is My Period Longer Than 10 Days
12 Reasons Why is My Period Longer Than 10 Days

Learn the health benefits of lemon water versus lime water and come to a conclusion about which is better for you to drink.

One of the most frequently asked questions in the comment section of my post about the health benefits of lemon water is whether or not drinking lime water might yield the same results as drinking lemon water. I decided to sleuth out the answer finally.

Why I Drink Lemon Water

Warm lemon water with fresh sliced ginger in it.

A few years ago, I started drinking lemon water first thing in the morning, about 20-30 minutes before eating or drinking anything other than water.

I now feel the difference during days that I don’t drink it. I can see the difference in my skin when I stop drinking it for long periods of time. I also am less susceptible to the colds and flu brought home by my daughter. Plus, it’s full of nutritional value.

I figure that it can’t hurt to continue drinking lemon water especially after reading real-life comments about health conditions improved by lemon water when other medical treatments failed.

But, should I be drinking lime water instead?

Health Benefits Of Lemons vs. Limes

A mason jar full of water infused with lemon and lime on a wooden table.

The bottom line is that both citrus fruits are good for you. However, lemons have slightly more health benefits, but not enough to choose one over the other. They both have antioxidants, minerals, and flavonoids.

Lemons are slightly higher in Vitamin C which helps the liver to produce glutathione, a regenerative antioxidant that helps the liver process and eliminate toxins. They’re only a slightly better choice for those looking for a true detox.

Limes are slightly higher in calcium and Vitamin A, but experts suggest the amounts aren’t significant enough to choose limes over lemons.

Size Matters

Since I normally juice 1/2 of an average lemon into a glass of warm water, I’d probably need to juice almost an entire lime to yield the same benefit.

In this case, size matters because if you’re going to swap one for the other and are worried about health benefits, just make sure that you’re adding an equivalent amount to each glass.

Lemon Water vs. Lime Water?

I’m not a medical expert, but I think you’ll reap health benefits by choosing either one. I do drink lime water if I run out of lemons. To be honest, I prefer the taste of lime water. And, putting slices of both into your infused water won’t hurt either.

Tips for Squeezing Limes and Lemons

A lemon press surrounded by whole lemons, sliced lemons, squeezed lemons halves, and lemon juice in glass on a wooden surface.

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After cycling through a number of lemon squeezers, I’ve shifted to a stainless steel lemon squeezer that I can toss into the dishwasher. I’ve been through peeling paint and corroded plastic with other brands so feel this is worth mentioning if you’re going to make drinking lemon water or lime water a daily habit.

FAQs About Lime Water vs. Lemon Water

Detox water with lime and cucumbers in a mason jar against a rustic wood background

What is lime water good for?

Lime water is good for adding flavor and extra nutrients to a glass of otherwise plain water. This can incentivize people who are reluctant to drink water to consume more of it, thereby boosting overall health and wellness.

What does lime water do?

Drinking lime water has many health benefits thanks to its vitamins and minerals. Their acidity can help saliva break food down which improves digestion. Vitamin C and antioxidants help keep immune systems strong and reduce inflammation.

Is lime water the same as lemon water?

No. Lime water is different from lemon water. While they both contain similar health benefits lime and lemon are different fruits (though closely related) with slightly different sour tastes. Lemons taste sweeter and limes taste more bitter.

What is lemon water good for?

Lemon water is good to consume warm first thing in the morning. In my experience, this helps suppress appetite and reduce cravings for caffeine. But it also is chock full of antioxidants that strengthen immune response and contribute to glowing skin.

Don’t forget to read about the benefits of cucumber water.

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