Fusion and Integration | Dissociative Identity Disorder
Fusion and Integration | Dissociative Identity Disorder

Mature personality
• It is a unique pattern of life, emerging from the
harmonious integration of several traits
• All the cognitive affective, conative and physical
aspects are equally developed and balanced
in mature personality. A mature personality is
well integrated, well balanced, stable and
harmoniously adjusted to himself, to others and
the outer world. It is characterized by co
ordination and consistency

Criteria for Mature Personality
• Sense of self
• Cordiality
• Emotional security
• Recognition of outer
• Self-objectification
• A unifying philosophy of

According to Allport
A mature personality has three
characteristics. They are ;
• Self-extension
• Self-objectification
• Develop philosophy of life

Characteristics of Mature personality
Self-initiative and self-determination for various
activities relating to his life.
Relatively independent –“stand one’s own feet”
Capable to behaving many different ways in a
particular situation.
Deeper interest
Longer time perspective (his behaviour is
determined by the past experience and
future consequences).
Superior position in family

Conscious of his self, abilities,
disabilities and limitation,
integrity and worth
Emotional security
Have a clear comprehension of
life’s purpose.

Integrated Personality
Integrated personality is one in whom various
aspects of personality are working in a
harmonious and effective manner. The
integration of personality is the integration of all
psycho-physical traits of personality.

According to Guilford, Integrated personality
emerges from the synthesis of seven traits –
psychology, needs, interests, attitude,
temperament, aptitude and morphology.
In wood worth’s opinion, an integrated
personality is one in which the several traits,
interests, and desires are combined in an
effective harmonious unity.
According to Freud, integrated personality
results from the integrated functioning of id, ego
and superego.

In an Integrated personality, mind and emotions,
desire and determination, and all mental
activities work in an organized way.
There are no conflicts in an integrated
In such a person, his ambitions and aspirations
are in accordance with his mental capacities and
his objectives are realistically attuned to the
required physical energy.
An integrated personality is flexible, strong, and
organized as well as balanced.

Such a person has realistic assessment of himself
, his strength, and weakness, has stable concept
involving higher level of self esteem and fewer
feelings of inadequacy and fewer evidence of
compensatory behaviour and accept himself ,
leading to himself being accepted by others.

Integrated personality implies harmony between five
important aspects of personality:
Harmony between one’s abilities and capacities.
Harmony among one’s interests.
Harmony between one’s abilities and interests.
Harmony between one’s self concept and social
Harmony between one’s life goal and social codes
of conduct.

The fostering of the development of a
wholesome, integrated personality in pupils is the
aim of educational endeavor.
The integration of personality is necessary in
order to effect adjustment with the environment.
Adjustment will be natural and easy if integration
is strong. If the integration is less than essential
then the problems of adjustment with
environment rise.

In the absence of the integration of personality is
unbalanced there being no proper blending of
psycho-physical traits. Such a person can
neither be skilled in his behaviour nor does he
get success in his life’s tasks.

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