Algebra 1 Regents Review June 2023
Algebra 1 Regents Review June 2023


JMAP was created by first-year teachers at a Brooklyn school in 2004. “Quite surprised at the difference between their teaching practices and the State’s assessment practices”, they began compiling resources that led to the creation of this site. The following ten year history has been full of developments for JMAP, which offers “New York teachers free resources that simplify the integration of Regents exam questions into their curriculum.”

Their resources include breakdown by topic, as well as full texts, of Regents for the following subjects:

Integrated Algebra


Algebra 2/Trigonometry

Earth Science

Living Environment



US History

Global History


Common Core Algebra 1

Common Core English

Who is it most useful to?

Among teachers at my school, the math department has found this site most useful. The founders of the site are math teachers themselves, and their majority of their content is mathematics based.

For example, JMAP has additional resources for Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II/Trigonometry courses that pull from Amsco and Pearson textbooks.

Pearson Algebra II/Trigonometry

How do they organize content?

Some teachers noted that the ways in which they sorted content was different than how JMAP did. The History of JMAP page addresses this concern, “Steve Sibol’s sorting of the Regents questions into various topics may differ from yours. Consider any differences as opportunities to consider how topics might betaught. Developing an awareness and understanding of how Regents questions can be solved in different ways is an interesting byproduct of analyzing the JMAP database.”

How is this any different than NYSED Regents’ website , or other sites that have Regents exams?

They provide copies of past Regents in five different formats. From their FAQ page:

EXAMVIEW (TST) – (INTEGRATED) – These files are the most concise versions of the NY Regents exams available, and include the original graphs, charts and diagrams.
WORKSHEET BUILDER (WS) – (INTEGRATED) – Each exam fits on 5-6 pages (2 columns and 1/2″ margins), and includes the original graphs, charts and diagrams. Worksheet Builder can automatically create a separate answer sheet, and the answers keys are integrated as well.
ADOBE (pdf) – (COMPACT) – The ExamView and Worksheet Builder worksheets and answer keys in Adobe format.
WORD (DOC) – (EDITABLE) – These files are editable versions of the Regents exams in Word format.
ADOBE (PDF) – (ORIGINAL) – The Regents exams in Adobe format are the most accurate reproductions of the exams available. The original answer key and conversion charts are included.

JMAP also provides worksheets sorted by topic, question type or mixed. You can also use their worksheet generator to create your own worksheets from their extensive Regents question bank.

What else do they provide?

They also provide helpful links for NYC DOE teachers including the public school calendar and pay schedule.

What about CCLS?

As NY transitions to the Common Core, JMAP will have to stay current to maintain it’s utility. However, it is promising that only a few weeks after the first CCLS Algebra and English exams, these resources are already available on their site.

What’s the best part?

In my experience, the performance indicator page is one of the most useful features of the site.

The graphic above precedes a page that outlines the 5 areas covered on the IA Regents, and hovering over each indicator shows the skills covered. For example:

All their worksheets are also available as TST, PDF or DOC files.

Any last tips?

If you do choose to use JMAP, the following color coding key might prove helpful.

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