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What We Deal With

We love to keep a wide range of merchandise from all eras. Our inventory is the largest one in Milwaukee and we keep everything arranged by age, type, and category. We are willing to bet that you will stay a while. Here is what we usually keep in our stock;

Mega Media Xchange


(Between Best Buy and ALDI)
19555 W. Bluemond Rd, STE 32 Brookfield, WI 53045


(Across the street from Zaffiros’s Pizza – 2nd Floor)
1709 N Farwell Ave Milwaukee, WI 53202


(Across the street ifrom Aldi)
3868 E Washington Ave, Suite B, Madison, WI 53704

About Mega Media Xchange

Looking for a place to buy loads of gaming equipment and tech? Pop into Mega Media Xchange in Milwaukee. This is the ARMORY of PRIZED GAME COLLECTIONS of this century! We have everything from the 90’s old gaming consoles and beyond. You can expect our buy & sell company to look for potential customers for all kinds of electronics including TVs, gaming consoles, video games, old and new music collections, and all related items.

Are you into vintage video games and gaming systems from 30 years ago? Well, it’s your lucky day. We at Mega Media Xchange have those old bones in our precious collection. We have full sets of gaming gears, accessories, systems, as well as popular music from all eras, and art pieces. We also have quotes from our founding father, Benjamin Franklin, and pieces of his precious collections. Interested? Come to our shop in Milwaukee!

Mega Media Xchange has been a passionate team of gaming geeks since 1997. Our experts sit on top of decades of experience in gaming, electronics, and art. Our bases are spread across four different locations to bring you the best quality service to the farthest of Milwaukee. Our employees are veterans who are very eager to answer all your questions. As you may have guessed, we are free spirits who love to chat.

Come in today at your nearby Mega Media Xchange store and submerge yourself into the world of games and tech.

No Compromise To Quality

Everything you see at a Mega Media Xchange store is of top quality. We have expert teams to investigate, inspect, and test all goods before we hang them on our shelves. Our customers trust us so much because we check and make sure that everything we sell functions the way it should be.

Hence, we don’t miss anything that would cause you any inconvenience. So, you can expect the electronics, music, DVDs, video games, and video game systems to be in top condition for a long time. We also offer a 7-day guarantee with our used products, be it games, game consoles, TVs, computers, etc. Mega Media Xchange buys and sells with trust and we have a solid reputation in Milwaukee.

Mega Media Xchange also sells cables, plugins, cords, and other accessories related to the items we have in our inventory. So, you won’t be looking for a second store to power your vintage and new game systems – we have everything you need.


Is your gaming console too old to satisfy you any longer? Pick it up and come to Mega Media Xchange in Milwaukee and sell your console for a new one. Yes, we love to sell anything you have to offer, starting from game systems, consoles, video games, and other electronics. Also, we love to buy from you anything you want to sell and earn some cash on the go. We guarantee quality prices so you won’t feel cheated at Mega Media Xchange.

Do you have a house to sell? Too bad, that’s a bit outside of our scope. But you can bring everything you have in your house, including tablets, Bluetooth speakers, Rokus, Apple TVs, Google Chromecast, laptops. We will be more than happy to fill your pockets with extra cash. Of course, we don’t delay deals at Mega Media Xchange.

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