How to write Tapered Rx in EMR 3.0?
How to write Tapered Rx in EMR 3.0?

American Associated Pharmacies (AAP)

As a cooperative of over 2,000 member pharmacies with an independently-owned warehouse and specialty pharmacy, the nation’s 4th largest PSAO, and qualified preferred partners, American Associated Pharmacies is so much more than just a buying group. AAP provides the tools and resources needed for members to improve their bottom lines.


AAPA is embracing and activating change every day to bring new and first-to-market insights, programs, and tools to our independent pharmacy members. We’re a Super Advocate that nurtures and propels your brand and business forward. As a member, you also reap benefits beyond the drug discounts and rebates that most GPOs settle with. Access programs and networks that increase your brand’s exposure, amplify your customer base, and create new lines of revenue for your pharmacy.

Change Healthcare

Change Healthcare is a leading independent healthcare technology company, focused on insights, innovation and accelerating the transformation of the U.S. healthcare system through the power of the Change Healthcare Platform. With the Intelligent Healthcare Platform powering our solutions, we’re helping our customers tackle some of the biggest challenges in healthcare with increased collaboration, practical innovation, and problem solving at scale. Our end-to-end solutions can help you improve, clinical, financial, and engagement outcomes.


Datarithm is an intuitive, cloud-based inventory management software system for pharmacies of all sizes. Optimize your prescription drug inventory so you can streamline operations, reduce expense and increase profit, cash flow and liquidity for your pharmacy. Control your pharmacy inventory, instead of it controlling you.


DelivMeds is a new, innovative way for patients to manage their prescriptions and receive convenient prescription deliveries from the pharmacy of their choosing. This means that pharmacies who join the DelivMeds network can gain new business, because they will be listed as an option for patients looking to have their scripts filled nearby. The app is FREE for patients to download (from the Apple App and Google Play stores) and use.

Plus, DelivMeds integrates with the BestRx and BestPOS software so it’s simple to:

  • Transfer Rx & insurance information electronically.
  • Collect any associated payment/co-insurance for the prescription (which is passed on to the pharmacy via Stripe).
  • Coordinate the delivery/shipping with the patient using their national ride-sharing partner (or your pharmacy’s preferred carrier).

BestRx pharmacies can learn more about the network and enroll at:

Digital Pharmacist

Digital Pharmacist helps pharmacies transform their business to improve adherence, reduce operating costs and increase revenue. Offering a combination of purpose-built, intelligent products and services to over 9,000 pharmacies globally, Digital Pharmacist provides pharmacists with solutions to engage with their patients, consolidate vendors, improve patient health literacy, automate tasks, and initiate online scheduling for programs and services. Learn more or request a demo today at


DrFirst is the nation’s leading provider of e-prescribing, price transparency, and medication management and adherence solutions. DrFirst enables healthcare stakeholders to use comprehensive real-time data and connectivity to increase patient engagement as well as to improve patient safety ratings, efficiency, and profitability. The company’s integrated technologies include its award-winning electronic prescribing platform, the most comprehensive medication history available, clinically specialized secure messaging, patient medication adherence monitoring, and real-time benefit checking.


EzriRx is a powerful pharmaceutical purchasing platform utilized by forward-thinking pharmacies and healthcare providers across the US. With over 65,000 NDCs from over 20 NABP accredited wholesalers, Pharmacies can compare pricing and make purchases with incredible savings. By joining our customer collective, pharmacies can mitigate negative reimbursements and improve their financial performance while benefiting from features like online invoice management and multiple payment options, all within an advanced and user-friendly interface.


MYDATAMART is a comprehensive business intelligence tool that unlocks the power of your data to allow your pharmacy to thrive in today’s complex and competitive marketplace. This pharmacy-centric tool helps you pinpoint specific opportunities to drive better business results and improve patient care.

Freedom Data Services

FDS is a pharmacy-centric healthcare technology company dedicated to helping our customers succeed. We leverage the power of data to develop solutions that change the way healthcare is delivered. Our solutions include medication synchronization services; business intelligence analytics and reporting; Star Ratings and Population Health Management; DME claim billing; and third party reconciliation services to name a few.

Heartland Payment Systems

A preferred credit card processing company for the BestPOS system. Getting your pharmacy registered with SIG-IS, Visa and MasterCard in order to accept FSA/HRA cards with the BestPOS system is much easier when you use a preferred credit card processing company.


LABELS Custom and stock options available for laser, thermal, and pressure sensitive pharmacy labels in addition to our patented ScriptChek label, providing 90% more label space. Our labels are compatible with BestRx Pharmacy software and online ordering is available 24/7. UNIT/MULTIDOSE PACKAGING Integral Rx offers unique solutions for compliance packaging. Additional stock options include multi-dose and unit-dose packaging along with laser and thermal style labels. Online ordering is available 24/7.


Omnicell is a leading provider of medication and medical supply management solutions that serves the entire continuum of care. Driven by a passion to improve patient care and outcomes – they deliver value to hospitals, health systems, post-acute care settings, and patients in the home via state-of-the-art automated dispensing systems, enterprise inventory management, and medication adherence solutions. Only Omnicell® provides a full suite of scalable medication adherence solutions that increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes.


PointClickCare Technologies Inc. empowers senior living care providers with world-class solutions to meet the need for collaborative, connected, people-centered care, with deep emphasis on quality and financial optimization. With a suite of fully-integrated applications powered by an interoperable, mobile friendly, and regulatory-compliant electronic health record and revenue cycle management platform, PointClickCare helps care providers connect and collaborate within their care network. Over 21,000 skilled nursing facilities, senior living communities, and home health agencies use PointClickCare today, making it the North American healthcare IT market leader for the senior living industry.


Introducing Pointy, your pharmacy’s instant connection to more local customers.

With less than 5 minutes work, you can get your products listed online and appearing on Google. When a customer searches for “pharmacy near me” or any of the thousands of OTC products you stock, they’ll be directed to your store where they can buy in person.

BestRx knows you need tools to compete online, so we’ve integrated with Pointy to help you succeed. Through this integration, all BestRx retailers get the core Pointy service completely free of charge (regularly $899).

Prescribe Wellness

PrescribeWellness inspires collaboration for better health across America by connecting patients to community pharmacies. Its proprietary cloud-based platform empowers pharmacists to provide more effective preventive healthcare services, which improve medication adherence, chronic disease management, and population health.

Prescribers Connection

Long Term & Post-Acute Care focused ePrescribing Network designed to not only improve LTPAC patient medication safety and information exchange, but also workflow efficiency and effectiveness, while saving significant money at the same time. Our Network allows software providers to maintain a single connection with the ability to communicate with multiple software systems utilizing the NCPDP SCRIPT Standard. ONE Connection. ONE Network. ONE Certification.

RxSafe LLC

RxSafe improves patient health by partnering with the nation’s 21,000 independent retail pharmacies, using our technology solutions to transform the way you do business. We collaborate with pharmacies and other industry innovators to enable patient adherence, attract new customers, create additional revenue streams, and boost profitability.


ScriptAbility is part of En-Vision America, Inc., a company that provides high-tech products designed to provide better accessibility for those with visual impairments. ScriptAbility offers multiple accessible label options pharmacies can use when caring for patients with low vision or blindness, print impairment and language barriers. This includes ScripTalk (RFID-enabled talking labels), ScriptView (large print and dual-language labels), Braille Labels or Controlled Substance Safety Labels (CSSLs).

ScriptAbility offers the most robust, cost-effective accessible label options in the market. Plus, they’re integrated with BestRx Pharmacy Management Software, which makes producing and using accessible labels quick and easy.


SimpleMAR provides BestRx’s pharmacy customers a comprehensive and fully integrated cloud based EMAR/ EHR system that helps manage ALF, LTC and development disability facilities at a fraction of a cost without needing any costly hardware installation. It helps pharmacy customers to stay compliant, reduce paperwork, eliminate drug theft and human errors tracking med pass, ADL or tasks.


The Surescripts Network Alliance unites virtually all electronic health records (EHR) vendors, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), pharmacies and clinicians, plus an increasing number of health plans, long-term and post-acute care organizations, specialty hubs and specialty pharmacy organizations.

Symphony Health

At Symphony Health, we use data to create solutions for virtually any business that needs to answer questions about any step of the patient health journey. We take our raw data and create smart tools and hubs that make analyzing big data easily manageable. We develop and execute custom research projects to uncover deep insight into patient and physician decision drivers, as well as health economics and outcomes research crucial to ensuring patient access and commercial success.


For more than four decades, UDS has forged relationships with companies that demand reliability, honesty and consistency day in and day out. Working with leading businesses in pharmaceutical, payroll and other high-profile markets, we maintain a standard of excellence in our people, technology and services.


Eliminate interruptions and streamline prescription management with VOW IVR. As a leading provider of interactive phone system solutions, VOW helps over 3,500 pharmacies automate operations, increase productivity, and improve patient experience. Featuring Inbound IVR Refills, Electronic Fax Integration, Who’s Calling, Click-to-Call, and much more. Learn more or request a demo today at


Weno Exchange LLC (WENO) is an e-Prescribing company located in Austin, Texas. WENO provides a network that routes standardized electronic prescriptions from a prescriber software system to a pharmacy system. WENO also offers an stand-alone ePrescribing service called WENO Online which helps prescribers and pharmacies alike bridge the connectivity gap when necessary. WENO’s

e-Prescribing service boasts the lowest fees and the easiest software onboarding process in the industry. WENO has been hailed as an innovative competitor in an otherwise dominated e-prescribing network. For more information, visit

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