How to find the Oxidation Number for Br in HBrO (Hypobromous acid)
How to find the Oxidation Number for Br in HBrO (Hypobromous acid)

welcome to not in this question ask about sedation number 3 near structure of Bihar we are free weight is about how to calculate Oxidation state in a&b attack wale single wanted and if the electronegativity of a is more than electronegativity of B electronegativity of B then we break this bond and here due to the electronegativity of mo8e is more than a -1 will be take place and their plus one Beat It is break out between these atoms electronegativity of a more than the -2

will be placed here are more electronegativity and plus two place to hear about this two atoms and we play + 3 – 3 here electronegativity and plus three places near always take place plus Oxidation state have less electro negative and if we break out any Bond double bond or triple bond between mattum than if we believe this audubon play 200 different Oxidation state in the XAT important day mattum

than Oxidation state of any am always been a electronegativity of more than electronegativity of if we break out this month and place -2 hair plus two here and if want to bring this then else you want to place -2 here plus two here and it will want to break the bond then here -2 placed here developed to play store here and if we want to break the bond than 0 and 0 will be take place there because it is the bond between the same electronegative and electric of the nation-state in the bonded is the class 6 because there are total positive Tik Tok present on the similar

if we want to break this want then minus A square + 2 play the year and everyone to break this bond and -2 placed close to clean hair and we want to break these bonds and zero place here and ji Roop le liya report this in atom Oxidation state is plus to this bromin exit in plus two Oxidation State beach Promenade exit in plastics Oxidation state everything about this bromine atom then if we break these want then -2 pleasure + 2 + 1 -2 pleasure plus two place near -2 place near and plus two places near total Oxidation state of which bromon atoms also be it is equal to plastic

oxidation of most prominent plastic S from in is it is plus 4 it is + 12 + 4 Pro it is correct and Oxidation state of this Brahman is + 8 so it is also occur at to be is the correct option total Oxidation State + 2 + 2 here total population cities Plus and you have a nice day

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