Proving the Parallelogram Opposite Sides Converse – Geometry
Proving the Parallelogram Opposite Sides Converse – Geometry

Parallelogram Converses: Guided Notes & Practice

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Parallelogram Converses Guided Notes and Practice

Effectively and efficiently teaching students how to apply the Parallelogram Theorem Converses is a daunting task without the right resources!

To effectively teach geometry concepts, you need resources with visuals and diagrams that students can mark and write on. Save you and your students time, energy and frustration with these no prep guided notes with practice filled with visuals, diagrams and space for students to show their work.

The five pages of notes include four Converses of Parallelogram Theorems along with the Parallel and Congruent Sides Theorem. There are 14 “Let’s Try” problems to introduce your students to the converses and how they can be used to prove a quadrilateral is a parallelogram. The “Let’s Try” problems are diverse in both difficulty level and type (Select all that apply, proofs, matching, etc.).

Fully worked out answer keys are included to help you easily guide students through the notes before letting them apply their newfound knowledge with a variety of standardized test style practice questions.

The four practice pages contain 13 practice problems of varying type and difficulty level. The practice problems are great for individual, partner or small group classwork or as homework.

✳✳ Some of the more challenging standardized test style questions may require students to brainstorm strategies in pairs or small groups. ✳✳

✅All pages can be viewed before purchasing in the “Preview” attachment.

Common Core Standard

Florida B.E.S.T. Standard

Why use Guided Notes?

Did you know that research shows guided notes increase students’ active engagement during lessons? Studies have also found that students, regardless of achievement level and/or disability, earn higher scores with guided notes versus taking their own notes.

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