2023 Bullet Journal Setup | New Bullet Journal | Possibly My Favorite Setup Yet
2023 Bullet Journal Setup | New Bullet Journal | Possibly My Favorite Setup Yet

bullet journal period tracker inspiration cover page

Period Tracker Inspiration for Your Bullet Journal

Periods should never be a “taboo” subject. All of us uterus-havers get them at one time or another. They’re a part of who we are genetically as women. They’re a key function in our fertility, which means we should also keep track of them somehow (if for no other reason than to know when you should expect the next one so you don’t ruin your favorite pair of underwear!). There are many helpful ways to track a menstrual cycle from apps to planners to dry-erase boards. If you’re a bullet journal enthusiast like myself, you may want to consider adding a tracker to your pages so it’s always right in front of you. So, here’s a pretty extensive collection of period tracker inspiration for your bullet journal.

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my 2020 period tracker

Things you may also want to include in your period tracker spreads…

  • Ovulation & fertile window
  • Discharge & spotting
  • Mood
    • Inspiration: oftentimes, I’ll have my yearly mood tracker on the opposite page of my yearly period tracker to create a corresponding spread. I set them up at the beginning of my journal near the “Future Log” and “Year-At-A-Glance.” This way, you can update the spread daily before heading over to your to-do.
  • Mental health
  • Birth control use & other contraceptives
  • Times you’ve had sex — was it protected? Unprotected? Did you try for conception? That sort of thing.
    • Inspiration: I usually just add a row for “sexy time” to my monthly habit tracker, but it’s a great idea to keep that information with the fertility/menstrual cycle tracker if you want to go more in-depth with it. You can never have too much information about yourself & your body!
  • Other symptoms like headache, cramps, nausea, back pain, etc.
  • Level of flow from light to heavy
  • Length of your cycle
  • Self care ideas for when it’s your time of the month like drinking tea, taking a long shower, relaxing on a heating pad with your favorite book or show, etc.

More period tracker inspiration for your bullet journal

1. Yearly calendar

I really appreciate the simplicity of this page. I think keeping it simple with color-coding & a “key” is the way to go for any yearly tracker. The Tombow dual-tip brush pens used here are all contained in the “portrait” palette, so you already have them if you snagged this palette previously. I couldn’t find the exact brand of stickers pictured, but I did come up with these adorable little floral stickers that would make an excellent substitution. For the calendar itself, I’d suggest using MICRON fineliner pens instead of a regular black one. These pens don’t bleed and write very well.

2. Giant floral uterus

This spread is fantastic period tracker inspiration for your bullet journal! Nothing says “I’m tracking my cycle” like a giant uterus front-and-center. The uterus drawing can be done strictly using Staedtler colored pencils. This MICRON fineliner pack is also good for the calendar and outline of the uterus because you get several different sized tips to use to distinguish between the dots, days, & months.

3. Grim Reaper

I love the “grim reaper” detail in this tracker. I mean, let’s be real, sometimes it really does feel like you’re dying! To recreate this spread, you only need to use two pens out of the Stabilo Fineliner set. The black can be used to outline the cells of the tracker & do all of your doodling, then use the red to track the days of your period & add accents to the page.

4. Tea, tampons, & Midol

Bare necessities for all-things-menstruation doodles are an adorable way to make your period tracker more creative. To make this page myself, I’d use a combination of colored pencils, Zebra Pen mildliners, & Tombow brush pens to add all of the detail to the underwear, pad, pills, etc. The strokes for the handlettering can be achieved using Fudenosoke brush pens. I seriously love my Fudenosoke pen pack! Since I made the purchase, I’ve never strayed away from them. They’re perfect for lettering weekly & daily spreads or page titles. Keep a look out for my weekly spread tutorial using these pens coming soon!

5. Minimalist calendar

This way of drawing a tracker is rather similar to how I make my Year-At-A-Glance page. You can find the maroon pen pictured here in the Staedtler Triplus fineliner set. As always, Sakura MICRON pens are the best way to go to write out the calendar. The 005 (0.20mm) and 01 (0.25mm) pens from this pack are especially helpful when writing numbers in the small spaces between the dots on the page. The 08 (0.50mm) pen can be used to write the title, or you can go with a black Paper Mate Flair felt-tip.

6. Pink & white pens on black paper

Black pages can be fun to have, but they’re not always practical. It’s a bit of a pain to figure out which of your pens will show up on it. If you’re looking for a bullet journal that has black pages, this is an inexpensive one to start with. Otherwise, you can try some black cardstock to test out your pens and see if making the switch to black paper is right for you. I’ve had the most luck with gel pens and the white Faber-Castell Artist brush pen. Don’t be discouraged when using a brand new Faber-Castell pen, though. The ink gets more opaque with more use. Let the ink dry for a few seconds, then you’ll probably just have to go over your strokes one or two times while you break it in.

7. “You Can Bleed for a Week Without Dying” 6-month tracker

“Why you’re a badass: because you can bleed for a week without dying.” What a great reminder to keep that warrior mentality when you’re maybe not feeling your best! This page is easily replicated with Fudenosoke brush pens, Crayola Supertip markers, & Sakura MICRON pens. You can also get the red grid washi tape as a part of this set. This idea right here is probably all the inspiration you need for your bullet journal period tracker. It’s simple & practical.

8. Weekly breakdown

I like the coloring in these flowers, but I think I’d take it a step further and blend them better by watercoloring. To do this, I’d dab a few lines of pink in the outer corners where I want the petals to begin. Then, using a wet roundbrush, I’d drag the color down towards where I want the yellow to begin to fade in. Once the pink dries, I’d go in with the yellow and repeat the process, blending the colors together and dragging the yellow down to the center. The same watercolor process can also be done using the Tombow Colorless Blender & a blending palette (you can purchase one or make one yourself with items you already have at home). Once the petals are dry, use your Sakura MICRONs to outline.

9. Minimal dot tracker

bullet journal period tracker

This example can be easily replicated in your bullet journal using the Tombow “portrait” palette for the accent colors & Sakura MICRON fineliners for everything else. If you haven’t noticed by now, MICRONs are probably the #1 purchase you can make for a cleaner-looking bullet journal. I use the 02 (0.30mm) and 03 (0.35mm) pens to fill out my daily to-dos and the rest of them to draw out my spreads. I use them absolutely every single day!

10. Simple red & black tracker

Ecoline brush pens are not my favorite, but it’s the one used here in this example. Tombow dual-tip brush pens have way better nibs & are actually cheaper than Ecoline most of the time. If you already own Ecoline & are interested in testing the difference for yourself, try comparing with the red brush pen from the Tombow “primary” palette. Most of these pens are also available to test with your own hand at your local craft store, if you have an opportunity to go.

11. “The Return of Aunt Flow”

bullet journal period tracker

This is such a fun and colorful spread to use for a period tracker! Better yet, it’s easy to make yourself with few supplies. The title on this page can be written using the red from the Zebra Mildliner set and outlining with a MICRON. Then, just letter with the black Tombow dual-tip brush pen for the subtitle at the bottom. You can get the red polka dot washi tape in this set. Use your MICRON fineliners again to outline the grid and you’re done!

12. “That Time of the Month” pin-up girl

bullet journal period tracker

I LOVE this pin-up girl page! However, I wouldn’t suggest using your Tombows to draw her. I like to use Crayola Supertip markers more for drawing things, since they’re less expensive to buy. I would definitely use the fine tip end of the black Tombow brush pen to letter the quote and other details, though. If you’re looking for a white gel pen that works well when used on top of other ink, check out the Uniball Signo Broad Point gel pens. They also work great on darker paper! I’ve personally used them to address my Save the Dates for my wedding (I sent them in olive green envelopes).

13. “Satan’s Waterfall”

bullet journal period tracker

For this example, it looks like the creator used colored pencils and Crayola Supertips to create the key, quote, & title and a fineliner for the tracker. If recreating, I’d suggest jazzing it up with Tombows and Zebra Mildliners to create a more professionally-done look. Using a ruler or a piece of cardstock can really be a game-changer for keeping your lines straight, as well. Just be sure to keep your fingers out of the way!

14. “Shark Week” 6-month calendar

bullet journal period tracker

This cute little shark doodle page is great inspiration for any bullet journal period tracker. I also love the addition of tracking PMS symptoms because it helps you to recognize the patterns in your body when that time of the month is headed your way. This makes a big difference for me when using my bujo tracker compared to the app I have on my phone. The apps can sort of predict based on algorithms, but it really helps to see it those patterns color-coded right in front of my eyes month-to-month.

15. “The Most Annoying Time of the Month” yearly tracker

bullet journal period tracker

To make this spread, all you really need are Crayola Supertip markers to add the details to the mistletoes and the black pen from the Paper Mate Flair pack. I would, however, use a MICRON fineliner to write in the days of the month, since they do a way better job of writing legibly in small spaces.

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