How to make your period end faster | 3 TIPS for a shorter period
How to make your period end faster | 3 TIPS for a shorter period


01/6Reasons for weight gain

Picture this: You have been exercising and eating healthy all along. Even then when you step on the weight scale at the end of the week, you notice a higher number than last week. You feel heavier and your clothes seem a bit tighter. Does this happen with you every month close to your monthly cycle?

If yes, then you are not alone. Period weight gain is real and is quite normal. Close to those 5 painful days of the month, most women gain weight but it is temporary.

02/6Period and weight gain

Period and weight gain

The fluctuation in the weighing scale during the monthly menstrual cycle is mostly due to water retention. This is caused due to hormones- estrogen and progesterone, which rapidly decrease before the period. The drop in the level of these hormones tells your body that it’s time to begin menstruation. These two hormones are also responsible for managing the electrolytes balance and fluctuation in it forces the tissues to accumulate more fluid, resulting in water retention, or edema. The process of water retention often leads to swelling or puffiness in your breasts and stomach. So, the weight gain during the period is basically water and not fat. As soon as you are done with your 5 days, the level of hormones comes back to normal and you lose all the gained weight.

03/6Other reasons for weight gain

Other reasons for weight gain

These hormones can also make you feel bloated and your clothes might feel tighter.

Thirdly, during the period, craving for unhealthy and fattening food increases. Most of the time women cave in to their cravings and binge eat. That’s due to fall in the level of progesterone, which works as an appetite stimulant. Eating high-sugar or high-fat foods can increase calorie intake and a low amount of physical activity can easily lead to weight gain.

04/6weight lossss

weight lossss

05/6How much weight most women gain during this time

How much weight most women gain during this time

Most women gain 2 to 3 kilos during their period. But this weight is generally water weight and after the period is over, the extra weight is lost automatically. The changes generally start to appear 3 to 4 days before the monthly cycle and disappear 2-3 day after that. Other normal symptoms noticed during the period include:





Social withdrawal



Aches and pains


Skin problems

Abdominal pain

Thirst and appetite changes

breast tenderness


06/6How to minimise weight gain

How to minimise weight gain

There is no need to worry about water weight gain during the period. It is quite normal. You just need to stay away from eating unhealthy, sugar and fat-laden food items. The weight gain caused due to overeating is permanent and you have to make extra effort to lose those extra kilos. Here are a few things that you can do during the period to stay healthy.

Drink more water: Drink enough water throughout the week. This will help to maintain the electrolyte level in the body and prevent your body from conserving fluids.

Eat fiber-rich foods: Eating fiber-rich foods can prevent constipation, which is common during this time. Fiber will help in easy movement of bowel and prevent you from overeating.

Reduce salt intake: Eating too much salt during this time can increase water retention and make you feel more bloated. So, avoid excessive salt intake as much as possible.

Exercises: It is absolutely alright to exercise during the period. Even if you choose to perform low-impact exercises, it is alright. Do not skip it.


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