College Algebra – Full Course
College Algebra – Full Course

Power Algebra Book 3

Power Algebra Book 3

The Power Algebra Books

Algebra Book Three – Digital Download only

Professor B methodology carefully nurtures children’s perception of connection and flow in arithmetic so they experience enjoyment and mastery of math content. To nurture learners’ perception of connection and flow, Professor B Algebra integrates Pre-algebra, Algebra I and Algebra II into a single, ungraded curriculum in three volumes. Each concept is covered thoroughly, with clarity.

Each textbook contains the answers and can usually be completed in 2 – 3 years, even by children as young as 9 who have completed Prof. B Level 3.

Algebra Book One is a physical product (8.5 x 11 inches paperback) and can be used as a text only with the student writing their answers in a notebook, or can be used as a consumable workbook, as the exercises are included. Algebra Book 2 and Algebra Book 3 are attached as Digital Downloads to your email at the time of purchase.

Table of Contents – Power Algebra Book III

  1. Linking Exponents, Radicals, Logarithms; Solving Exponential and Logarithmic Equations
  2. Complex Numbers
  3. Solving Quadratic Equations and Inequalities
  4. Solving More Equations and Inequalities Involving: Rational Expressions, Exponential and Radical Expressions, and Absolute Value Expressions
  5. Linear Equations in Two Variables
  6. Solving Systems of Simultaneous Linear Equations Graphically
  7. Solving Systems of Simultaneous Linear Equations Algebraically
  8. Similarity and Proportionality
  9. Variation
  10. More Problem Solving

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