Pythagorean Theorem Guided Notes and Practice Worksheet

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Struggling to find simple guided notes with plenty of practice for your Geometry classroom? This Pythagorean Theorem worksheet pack is the perfect solution! All you need to do is print and copy for your students! Students will fill in quick notes and practice questions of varying levels of difficulty on the Pythagorean Theorem.

This Pythagorean Theorem Notes & Practice four page packet includes:

  • Frayer model to neatly organize notes
  • 9 sample questions
  • Corresponding YouTube video that works through the notes and 9 sample questions
  • Additional practice worksheet – great for homework!
  • Extension problems – great for differentiating for an honors class!
  • Handwritten answer key

These notes are perfect to introduce a new topic and ensure students get sufficient practice. The practice problems can also best be used for homework, while the extension problems are great for early finishers or an advanced class.

The best part? The two note pages come with a corresponding YouTube video, perfect for a flipped classroom or absent students! You can watch the YouTube video that covers the notes and sample questions HERE! (This resource also includes an additional practice page + extension problems that are not part of the video.)

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