Every new Mathews Vertix bow come with the new Integrate Rail Mounting System. This technology mounts the rest directly to the face of the riser and not the side of it. The use of the Berger hole is no longer needed.

“We often get told that if it’s not broke, we shouldn’t fix it,” said QAD’s Vice President Kevin Fry. “People tell us all the time that we have the best arrow rests out there, and we have been truly blessed to put some great products on the market over the years. However, we don’t stop innovating. That’s just not what we do. That’s just not who we are. We are constantly trying to raise the bar, set a new standard and improve the end user’s overall experience.”

With 15 years of rest-making genius backing the now-legendary QAD name, we’ve come to expect great things from the brand. The manufacturer’s innovative UltraRest family has graced countless risers over the years, with its popular HDX and MXT lines leading the charge. And while those models won’t be going away, QAD recently launched an explosive new rest — one that will forever change the overall consistency and performance of the drop-away arrow rest.

“We are calling it the UltraRest Integrate MX,” said Fry. “We have partnered with Mathews on this project, and all new Mathews Vertix bows come with the new Integrate Rail Mounting System. This technology mounts the rest directly to the face of the riser and not the side of it. The use of the Berger hole is no longer needed.

“We have been mounting rests to the Berger hole forever, and there are issues with this system. When mounting a rest via the Berger hole, you have to get the rest level. Sometimes mounting also requires the use of a set screw. In addition, sometimes the rest will actually rotate. Our new mounting system is far superior to the Berger hole system. It’s a dovetail system that mounts the rest directly to the back of the riser, making it impossible for the rest to rotate up or down on the bow. In addition, it also controls a pair of other axes, thus keeping the rest from moving or changing on those points of axis. Auto Leveling Technology means that when you mount to the back of the riser with the dovetail system, the rest will automatically be level.

“Designing this type of mounting system allowed us to design a much better rest. The Integrate MX is the lightest, most compact and most streamlined rest we’ve ever made. This rest has eliminated a lot of the parts of the rest that were once necessary. We have eliminated the mounting block and mounting bolt. Because the rest is mounted to the face of the riser, it is totally streamlined to the bow; it is flush with both sides. This gives the archer clearance on the outside of the riser, which means arrow quivers can be brought in closer. Plus, you can actually mount something else to the Berger hole. This system eliminates the need for spacers and the like. Tuning will be easier than ever.

“Of course, this rest offers all the great features we are known for. It has full containment, slow letdown and Lock Down Technology. It’s got the best micro-adjust system available at .019” per click. The rest is micro-adjustable on both the vertical and the horizontal, and each offers a lockdown feature. The launcher is no longer plastic. The launcher itself is machined from 100 percent aircraft-grade aluminum.

“The Integrate Rail Mounting System comes exclusively on the new Mathews Vertix, and Mathews has machined a mark that allows you to simply clamp the rest on with a single clamp. Once the rest is mounted to the clamp, you can make your adjustments and the rest will not move. Once the bow is tuned and ready, you simply take the secondary clamp and lock the rest down tight. This feature is only available on the Mathews Vertix. Currently, you can get it nowhere else.”

Having shot the new Vertix and given it a serious test-drive, I can say without hesitation that those that purchase the Vertix but choose not to take advantage of this mounting system are really taking away one of the best technologies the new Mathews bow has to offer.

I’ve spent a week tinkering and playing with QAD’s latest rest marvel, and this new system is just incredible. Look for an upcoming QAD UltraRest Integrate MX field test in the January/February issues of Bowhunting World and Archery Business magazines.

For more information, visit www.qadinc.com.

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