APUSH Review: Period 5 In 10 Minutes! (1844 – 1877)
APUSH Review: Period 5 In 10 Minutes! (1844 – 1877)

Reconstruction Source-based Timeline (2 Group Activities) for APUSH: Period 5

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Get students up and moving through challenging yet fun group assessments of the chronology of Reconstruction. This activity has been specially designed for the APUSH redesign which tends to love putting political cartoons of Reconstruction on the AP exam.

ACTIVITY 1: (small group timeline) – Included is one small group activity which students place 8 Reconstruction sources (mainly political cartoons) onto a timeline of Reconstruction (timeline sheet and sources provided).

ACTIVITY 2: (whole class human timeline) – Each student receives an event (based off a political cartoon or source) and the entire class needs to correctly stand in chronological order to complete the human timeline challenge. To complete the challenge, students then need to explain their event and its relation to the previous or next event to show an understanding of chronology and cause/effect.

Although there will be some discrepancy with overlapping events that span multiple years, if students focus on when the event first appeared it should clear up confusion reinforce three key APUSH Skills:

1. Causation – Students will see the cause/effects of events (ex. how Johnson’s presidency allowed for failures to emerge such as Black Codes, KKK, etc.)

2. Periodization- This activity forces students to place the events in the correct chronology

3. Source analysis – With over 10 political cartoons, this activity will expose students to a number of political cartoons that have shown up on the AP exam (including the challenging strong vs. weak government political cartoon of the 16′-17′ AP exam).

This has been a successful activity for my APUSH class because Reconstruction usually falls right around midterms when students are stressed and need some engaging activities. Check out my other APUSH reconstruction activities which get students collaborating and interacting – this activity can also be purchased in a bundle of 3 engaging AP Reconstruction activities.

The following Reconstruction Phases Chart (w/ Crash Course) is an excellent complement for students acquiring the content background behind this activity

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