The Biggest Collaboration in Pokemon Draft League History
The Biggest Collaboration in Pokemon Draft League History

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Welcome to Other Metagames! This is where you will find lots of interesting and unique formats to play that are outside the bounds of standard tiers. Balanced Hackmons, Almost Any Ability, and STABmons are our flagship OMs. Some of Smogon’s most popular metagames, such as Monotype, Doubles OU, and Anything Goes, began as an OM; so who knows, maybe we’ll see more official formats down the road!

What is an OM?

An OM is any Smogon metagame that isn’t officially recognized by Smogon (this does not include pet mods). They don’t have top-level subforums or official Tier Leaders. OMs typically make broad changes off a consistent rule, or small set of rules. For example, introducing a new mechanic (Pokemon have the type(s) of their first two moves – Camomons) or providing access (Pokemon can use any ability – Almost Any Ability). Cartridge-playable OMs don’t alter mechanics but either restrict (only Pokemon that can evolve are allowed – NFE) or unrestrict (anything that can be hacked is allowed – BH). Pokemon that become extremely powerful if allowed to have new elements are not granted special accommodation to remain legal by virtue of being exempted from the OM’s rules. (i.e. AAA doesn’t keep Shedinja legal while denying it the core gimmick of the meta – it just bans the Pokemon). In short, an OM can usually be summarized accurately and completely in a sentence or two.

General Rules

– All global rules apply.

– You need approval before posting a thread.

– Do not make meaningless or one-line posts.

– Be nice to one another!

Forum-Specific Rules

Many of these forum-specific rules boil down to one simple idea: don’t mini-mod!

The forum has an active moderation team, so we’ll get to problematic posts/threads in a timely manner. Although, if something sits for more than 24 hours, please let us know.

– Don’t bump old metagames unless you think you can generate enough discussion to get it going again. If you would like to restart a metagame currently in the OM Archive, post in OM Submissions to let us know.

– It’s never okay to “metagame bash,” which means don’t insult or overly criticize an idea you don’t like. You may offer constructive feedback, but generally, if a metagame is approved then it has already received criticism during the submission process. This applies to all OM spaces—forum, discord, and the PS! room. If there is a metagame you don’t like, don’t play it!

– Don’t post in a thread unless you have something constructive to add to the conversation or need to ask a specific question.

– Metagame threads are for discussing exactly that, the metagame. Do not ask for the concept or mechanics of the OM to be changed.

– Please don’t post and ask if a metagame is approved. Most of the time it is and they just forgot to indicate who approved it. Leave it to the mods to handle unapproved metagames.

– Don’t post in spam threads or unapproved threads in general. Let a mod handle it.

Current Moderator Team

in the hills – Leader

Ransei – Leader

UT – Leader

drampa’s grandpa – Moderator

Isaiah – Moderator

Kris – Moderator

KaenSoul – Moderator

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