SR3 Remastered Freckled Female Character Creation | BY FAR MY FAVOURITE..
SR3 Remastered Freckled Female Character Creation | BY FAR MY FAVOURITE..

Saints Row BBQ Chef

Customization is a form of self-expression in video games. Give gamers the tools and they can create works of art or designs that you’d be afraid to show your mother. Whatever the case, the new “Saints Row” will likely sate players’ creative needs with its slew of options.

Today, the developer, Volition, showed off what players can do in the reboot to their open-world crime game. The customization goes from the protagonist, which they call the Boss, and goes through vehicles, weapons, the Saints Row HQ and the gang itself.

Players’ imagination can run wild with the character creation. They can give the Boss any body style from body builder to svelte model. They can give them, all types of body hair, color it in any way they want, add candy corn teeth and throw on some back tattoos for good measure.

Saints Row customization

The more interesting elements of the tool is that players can create asymmetrical elements on the characters. For example, they can have one big eye and one small eye or a deformed elephant man-looking head. The type of skin choice is notable as well because players aren’t just limited to human colors but they can make themselves a shiny gold like Adam Warlock or a pale blue like a drow in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

And yes, players can customize their groin size if they’re into that sort of thing. Players can perhaps even Donald Duck their way through a campaign similar to “Cyberpunk 2077.”

If players don’t want to deal with designing character, they can choose from eight presets.

Saints Row Frying Dutchman

When it comes to the vehicles, players will have more than 80 rides to collect, and the customization options are just as robust. Players can expect the normal color and body changing, but what’s notable is that cars can add nitrous, an off-road kit and a towing cable that lets players drag cars behind them.

Every vehicle including VTOLs, hovercrafts, hoverboards and helicopters will have these options available. In addition, players will also run across upgrade kits that boost a vehicles Signature Ability. It allows some of them to perform crab steering, which lets them swipe horizontally to avoid vehicles or smash into them way. They can drag a wrecking ball behind a car to create chaos during a chase. There’s even an ejector seat that lets players combo into a wingsuit takeoff.

Saints Row Weapon Customization

Weapons have the same customization that one would expect. Players can color a magnum however they want and add decals to make it their own. Those changes will make players stand out in a crowd but to really impress others, they’ll have to get customization that change the total look of the gun. In one instance, Volition showed how a rocket launcher can turn into a guitar case a la “Desperado.” They can also wield a submachine gun that looks like an umbrella.

The last element of customization is for players to design their Saints Row HQ. Players will start off with a dilapidated church and turn it into a base for a crime empire. Players can add different statues that they find during the campaign and they can set up dress codes and vehicles types for the gang. If players want their crew to dress like pirates and drive around in cars that look like ships, they can do that.

This sounds like one of the more compelling parts of the “Saints Row” reboot. Designing the look and vehicles of a gang has more appeal because you’ll see a broader impact of how your criminal empire grows in the franchise’s new locale Santo Ileso.

Brian Traficante, franchise creative director, said Volition will give players a chance to experiment with the customization before the game comes out. That’s worth keeping an eye as “Saints Row” is scheduled for release Aug. 23. It’s coming out PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox Series X and Series S and Xbox One.

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