What is Integrity?
What is Integrity?

INTEGRITY Security Services (ISS) is located in Suite 800 at 300 Spectrum Center Drive. From there, the firm puts more than three decades of experience working on innovative cryptographic solutions. When the company contacted our sign shop, its management team requested assistance with a brand-focused 3D letter acrylic lobby sign in Irvine, CA.

Layering Effectively Translates High-Tech Expertise into a Sign That Wows

Working in the niche of data protection and reliability calls for the type of lobby sign that underscores the firm’s cutting-edge approach. Of course, one of the most elegant displays relies on the use of a clear acrylic board. However, a pointed nod to the company’s unique position as a thought leader needs something that is a little more eye-grabbing.

Therefore, our technicians combined different approaches. We started the project with a polished acrylic panel. Next, we centered a sheet of matte silver vinyl onto the acrylic. By leaving a margin of several inches all around, we created a chic display space. Finally, we added black dimensional letters that feature the company’s name and logo.

We then installed the sign with standoffs to the wall. It adds pizzazz to the space, underscores the firm’s position as a thought leader in its niche, and perfectly focuses on the concept of longevity in the field. Besides that, this sign is easy to dismantle and relocate to a different wall or even office in the future.

Sign Layering is a New Trend in the Southland

Layering different style elements succeeds in the creation of attention-grabbing signage products. It is interesting to note that this technique does not limit itself to lobby signs. Building signs, too, can benefit from layering a variety of style elements.

  • Channel letters on a raceway. Some business owners want to capitalize on the three-dimensional display opportunities that channel letters bring to a building’s front. Rather than making do with a flush mount, they request the installation of a raceway. It boosts the 3D presentation.
  • Cloud signs with panel mounts. A new way of doing channel lettering is the cloud sign. It connects the individual style elements. As a result, it is an excellent backdrop for a panel on which to mount them. Doing so allows for an additional three-dimensional aspect to the sign. Some business clients have done very well with installing a third layer that spells out a niche definition.
  • Box cabinet blade signs with 3D letters. Did you know that you could also increase the 3D visuals of a lightbox cabinet? Install it as a double-sided blade sign that features dimensional acrylic or metal letters. Another choice is the use of push-through lettering.

What Could Your Business do with an Outstanding 3D Letter Acrylic Lobby Sign in Irvine, CA?

Have you been thinking of upgrading the lobby sign that you currently feature in your reception area or the conference room? Maybe you have recently rebranded or are looking for ways to closer align the sign’s makeup with your brand message. We can help. Connect with us today to discuss your options!

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