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John E. Mcmurry, Robert C. Fay, Jordan Fantini

6 Edition

Chapter 4, Problem 10

Answered step-by-step

Give likely chemical formulas corresponding to the following names:(a) Phosphorous acid $\quad$ (b) Hydroselenic acid

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Give the formula for each acid.
a) hydrosulfuric acid
b) phosphorous acid


Write the formula and name of the acid related to the following ions.
(a) cyanide
(b) nitrate
(c) phosphate


Write the formula for each of the following compounds.
(a) chloric acid
(b) periodic acid
(c) hypobromous acid
(d) hrdriodic acid


Give the name and formula for the acid derived from each of the following anions:
(a) perchlorate
(b) $\mathrm{NO}_{3}^{-}$
(c) bromite
(d) $\ma…


Okay. Hi. Today we’re doing problem 10 from chapter four. So they want us to write the chemical formulas for the name’s phosphorus acid and hydro Solin ic acid. So starting with phosphorus acid don’t get tripped up. It’s not phosphoric acid, which we normally see. This acid is an oxo acid, I said. So that means that because it ends in the O. U S Suffolk, it’s gonna have less oxygen’s less oxygen. So if we know that uh, phosphoric acid is h three if you were, we want an acid with less oxygen. So that is just going to correspond thio…

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