What is perimeter of a Rectangle and how to find it? #math #youtube #mathtrick #shorts #learning
What is perimeter of a Rectangle and how to find it? #math #youtube #mathtrick #shorts #learning

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Given rectangle JKLM, KL = 2w – 4, JM = € + 6, find KL.

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Find the area and perimeter of the rectangle with length $L$ and width $W$.$L=15$ feet, $W=7$ feet


Solve each problem.Perimeter of a Rectangle The perimeter of a rectangle is $294 \mathrm{cm}$. The width is$57 \mathrm{cm} .$ Find the length.


Use the formulas from this section to find the perimeter of each figure.A rectangle with length 16 feet and width 7 feet


Find the dimensions of each rectangle. The perimeter is given.$$P=11 \mathrm{m}$$


we are given trek tangle J Okay, L. M. And the information that is provided at K. L is equal to two X minus four and J M is equal to X plus six. And we know because of the properties of rectangles that those are congruent segments, opposite sides are congruent. So to solve we simply create an equation setting those expressions equal to each other and the news inverse operations two X -X. Leaves us with just one X and six plus four is 10. Be…

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