2.8 Derivative of arcsin(x)
2.8 Derivative of arcsin(x)

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what is the first derivative of y=arcsin 3x

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Find the indicated derivative.$$\frac{d}{d x}[\sin (f(3 x))]$$


Find the indicated derivative.$$\frac{d}{d x}[f(\sin 3 x)]$$


Find the indicated derivative.$\frac{d^{3}}{d x^{3}} \sin ^{3} x$


Find the indicated derivative.$$\frac{d}{d x}\left(x^{-1 / 3}\right)$$


Find the derivative of the function.$$f(x)=\sinh 3 x$$


Hi student thanks a lot for posting the christian. We have the function Y is equal to Arc sine of three x. Now from this we can write sign why is equal to three X. Now differentiating this equation on the left hand side and right hand side with respect to X. We get because why? Because the derivative of sine wave is caused by multiplied by Dy by dx Is equal to three because the derivative of three X is three. From this we get Dy…

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