Calculus 1 – Derivatives
Calculus 1 – Derivatives

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Which is the derivative of f (5x)?(a) 5f ,(x) (b) 5f ,(5x) (c) f ,(5x)

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Which function has a derivative that is equal to 5 when x = 2


(a) Find the eighth derivative of $f(x)=x^{7}+5 x^{5}-$$4 x^{3}+6 x-7 .$ Think ahead!(The $n^{\text {th }}$ derivative, $f^{(n)}(x),$ is the result of differentiating $f(x) n \text { times. })$(b) Find the seventh derivative of $f(x)$.


Find the derivative of the following functions.$$f(x)=5$$


Find the derivative of the function.$f(x)=5$


Hello everyone, in this problem we need to find the derivative of f of 5x. So, now let us take z to be 5x and y to be equal to f of 5x can be written as y to be f of z. Now, we differentiate both sides with respect to x. So, we get for z we will use chain rule. So, we get dy by dx to be equal to d by dx of f of z. So, dy by dx will be equal to d by dz of f of z into dz by dx. So, this will be dy by dx will…

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