How to Write the Formula for Iron (II) sulfate
How to Write the Formula for Iron (II) sulfate

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Daniel L. Reger, Scott R. Goode, David W. Ball

3 Edition

Chapter 2, Problem 97

Answered step-by-step

Write the formula of(a) manganese(III) sulfide.(b) iron(II) cyanide.(c) potassium sulfide.(d) mercury(II) chloride.

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Write the chemical formula for
(a) ruthenium(III) sulfide (b) scandium fluoride
(c) osmium(VIII) oxide
(d) manganese(II) sulfide
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Write the formulas of:
a. iron(III) phosphate
b. potassium sulfide
c. magnesium carbonate
d. manganese(II) sulfite


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Give the formulas for the following compounds.
a. mercury(I) sulfide
b. cobalt(III) sulfite
C. ammonium dichromate
d. aluminum nitride


So in this problem, we’re going to write the formula of these compounds. For the first one we have manganese sulfide, so the charge on the Megane XyZ three plus. And if we look on the periodic table, the sulfur is in group 16 and it has a charge of negative two. So therefore we need to pair these together so that the charges balance out. So we need to manganese ions and we need three sulfide ions. So we’re ending up with M. N two, S. Three. So then for B cyanide has a charge of negative one. And based on the roman numerals in the parentheses, Iran has a charge of positive two. So…

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