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Show the Harmonic Series is Divergent

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Specialized Diverge

Liberate yourself into a new realm of gravel riding with the Specialized Diverge, the most capable gravel bike ever made. The Diverge is agile, quick to accelerate as you push the pedals, and skillful on all styles of gravel––old mining roads, flowy singletrack, smooth gravel in the countryside, and chunky fire road descents alike.

What sets the Diverge apart is the revelatory geometry. An Epic inspired frame equates to a longer reach, shorter cockpit, and slacker head tube angle for ultimate stability and optimal control. The fork receives an increased rake on the latest Diverge so you can rally hard and fast. A raised bottom bracket offers greater clearance, while the updated chainstay design tucks the rear wheel beneath the saddle to improve acceleration and add to the balanced character of the bike. A narrow driveside chainstay creates more space so you can rock up to 47mm wide tires for added comfort and traction when the road gets rough. All Diverge models come adventure ready with podium-proven Pathfinder tires.

Your hands, arms, and shoulders will appreciate the Future Shock 2.0 vertical, adjustable spring suspension when you’re charging across washboard and down the backside of an unpaved mountain pass. But the benefits of the Future Shock’s 20mm suspension doesnt stop at your shoulders––the added suspension allows you to continue forth across bumpy roads without compromising your forward momentum due to the shock position above the head tube. The Diverge remains in control and far more comfortable with the advancements of the Future Shock 2.0 (available stock on all models except the Elite E5).

A SWAT compartment in the Diverge downtube provides riders ample storage space for snacks, layers, and a repair kit. The Diverge is well equipped for a swift moving, efficient and agile gravel ride or race, as far as your mind and body will take you.

Fancy a flat bar gravel bike? The Diverge Expert E5 EVO swaps the drop bars for flat bars, with a progressive geometry to match. A lengthened frame, lower bottom bracket, and slacker head tube, create a confidence inspiring E5 Aluminum chassis for ripping around. The Diverge EVO combines mountain bike inspired componentry with the lightweight proficiency of a gravel bike. A Future Shock 1.5 front shock, TranzX dropper post, SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain, and 47mm tire clearance are among the adventure worthy features of the Diverge EVO’s category expanding design. The Diverge EVO is for riders who want a gravel bike that is equally capable of technical single track and dirt roads.

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