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Francis Mercier \u0026 Magic System – Premier Gaou (Nitefreak Remix) – Official Music Video

Become part of the AVEVA Partner Network

Gain clients. Grow your network. Expand your offerings.

Reach your potential with AVEVA

AVEVA relies on a community of experienced, validated system integrators (SIs) to deliver its technologies to clients. AVEVA can’t do it without you.

As a system integrator, you’re part of a global community of partners, spanning all industrial sectors. That network gives you structured support and endless opportunities to grow.

Enhance your customer support by delivering end-to-end solutions from a single point of entry. Expand your reach to new end-users. Combine your capabilities with others in the network to optimize your services.


Benefits of joining the AVEVA Partner Network


Together, we’ll support your customers’ digital transformations. AVEVA solutions cover the entire engineering and operations value chain, from initial design concept, to handover, construction, asset management, and training.


AVEVA’s software is hardware-agnostic, so you can develop a standard solution for the end user. You’ll save time and money—and increase your margins.

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Market your industry specialization and technical expertise and differentiate yourself from competitors. Find new opportunities with customers who prefer AVEVA certified partners.


When you’re part of one of the largest industrial technology communities, your investment in nurturing your global network of leading SIs and distributors could transform your business.

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Maintaining customer success as an AVEVA System Integrator

Apex Manufacturing Solutions is an endorsed system integrator that has worked with AVEVA products since its founding in 2005. Apex uses its expertise to implement solutions for its customers and ensures that they remain well-maintained with corporate support from AVEVA. Learn how its partnership with AVEVA helped Apex improve operational efficiency for a craft brewery so it could delay building a new facility.

INDEFF partners with AVEVA for growth

INDEFF is an endorsed system integrator that has been working with the AVEVA portfolio for almost 20 years. In that time, it’s grown from a small company to a global, international company. Find out how AVEVA has helped INDEFF grow and what INDEFF recommends for companies just getting started with AVEVA.

Levels and recognition for system integrators within the AVEVA Partner Network

The entry-level membership. Registered SI partners can immediately access AVEVA training, the basic level of support, the AVEVA Partner Platform for SI partner news and events, sales enablement materials, and partner rewards.

Stand out from the crowd with the AVEVA SI certification program, which now includes the engineering portfolio.

The AVEVA SI certification program is the key to staying in sync with innovation. The SI certification program provides continuous training and certification opportunities for SI partners. Certified SIs typically have experience with a wide range of technologies — from instrumentation to valves, single-loop to distributed and supervisory control and manufacturing execution systems to supply-chain planning and enterprise management systems.

Benefit from extra support, access to more training materials, and discounts at the certified level.

Endorsed SIs are the premier business partners in the AVEVA Partner Network.

This invitation-only level is for companies with high levels of customer service who have validated technical excellence and multiple years of certification and project management experience with AVEVA solutions.

These elite partnerships put special emphasis on advanced application practices and collaborative business partnerships.

In addition to system integrators at the three levels above, the AVEVA Partner Network also includes alliance and strategic partners. These are global, industry-leading organizations that provide solutions for empowering businesses to accelerate digital transformation and drive sustainability.

Find out more about AVEVA alliance and strategic partners here.

System integrators are part of the AVEVA Partner Network. They can participate at three levels of membership. These membership levels recognize the achievements of system integrators in their industries and show them a clear path to greater benefits and savings in costs and time.

All system integrators also feature in AVEVA’s system integrator directory.

Practice programs within the system integrator program

On top of AVEVA portfolio certifications, SI partners can specialize further and add one or more practice programs to further equip themselves for success.

AVEVA practice programs include:

  • Model-Driven Manufacturing Execution System
  • Asset Performance Management
  • Production Management
  • Midstream Enterprise SCADA
  • Simulation
  • AVEVA™ Unified Supply Chain
  • Advanced Process Control
  • Engineering
  • AVEVA™ PI System™

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