TEC 2021: SiteOwl Explains How To Design, Install and Manage Systems with Its Electronic Platform
TEC 2021: SiteOwl Explains How To Design, Install and Manage Systems with Its Electronic Platform

TecRMI (Repair and Maintenance Information) is the TecAlliance product family that stands for comprehensive vehicle manufacturer-compliant technical data about repair, maintenance, and diagnosis. Our information and services are available to customers and partners for all vehicle manufacturers relevant to Europe.

Our IT consultancy TecRMI Integration not only supports companies’ IT projects; it also provides a direct link to our customers and partners for a variety of software development projects and technologies.

“We are looking for reinforcement for our RMI team to be able to provide our implementation partners and customers with a dedicated and competent contact person for future integration projects,” explains Christian Bergmann, Vice President Product Data Manager RMI, “In addition to ensuring the high-quality integration of our data, the aim is to provide service with a focus on the result, performance and efficiency as well as to ensure the flow of information on content-related and functional innovations. Our new IT Consultant TecRMI Integration is, to describe it figuratively, like a spider in a web,. in direct contact with internal and external development teams.”

If you take a closer look at this simile, you can see why it works.

Networks: While spiders build complex networks of threads to catch their prey, an IT consultant builds TecRMI integration networks to ensure the flow of information to integration partners and customers.

Problem solving: Spiders use their skills to solve problems by focusing on specific goals and adapting their networks to meet their needs. The IT Consultant TecRMI Integration uses his/her knowledge and skills to successfully resolve IT challenges for customers and partners.

Flexibility: Spiders can quickly adapt their networks to changing circumstances to function effectively. The IT Consultant TecRMI Integration must be flexible to adapt quickly to new technologies and requirements.

Willingness to learn: Spiders are constantly expanding their skills by developing new techniques and strategies. The IT Consultant TecRMI Integration must be willing to learn, constantly expanding his knowledge of software development and improving his technical skills. In this way, he stays up to date to be able to support customers and partners effectively in the long term.

Do you want to weave your next career web?

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Therefore, you should come to TecAlliance

Our employees are our most important success factor. They work together in multinational and multifunctional teams with a common goal in mind: to digitise the entire automotive aftermarket and shape its future. It is important to us to work well together. We are result- and customer-oriented with the freedom to work creatively and manage ourselves. Yes, we have fun doing it.

We promote an appreciative corporate culture, work responsibly and treat each other with respect. Independent work and the competent support of dynamic teams go hand in hand.

Mobile and hybrid working, working in a home office, on the road and on site are part of our everyday professional life so that work and private life can be individually harmonised.

Accept the challenge of personal growth

We owe our growing success to our core competencies. Our collaboration is characterised by cooperation at eye level, open and transparent communication, entrepreneurial thinking, (self-) reflection and personal responsibility. We look for these attitudes in our new team members.

We trust in the willingness of everyone to develop their own strengths and the curiosity to learn and develop. Our open feedback culture helps to discover new development potential. We offer diverse perspectives for professional and personal development in a working environment characterised by collegiality and trust.

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