NÊN ĐI MỸ HAY Ở LẠI VIỆT NAM | Sự Thật Cuộc Sống Mỹ | Quang Lê TV #206
NÊN ĐI MỸ HAY Ở LẠI VIỆT NAM | Sự Thật Cuộc Sống Mỹ | Quang Lê TV #206

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  • 5/30/2023Updated review

    This is in response to the Eden Center’s response to my last review. I have paid for your services (private pay) for approximately 1.5 years, then recently got insurance, approximately the last 6 months. I have paid many bills for your services so your accusation that I am only upset because I didn’t want to pay my bill is blatantly a lie. I was upset because I was in crisis, and my provider cannot even be bothered to call me back and I was told to call hospitals myself. Then when I followed up on my original crisis call I am asked immediately by a rude receptionist to pay a bill with no concern for my well-being when I was in a constant state of Suicidal Ideation. There is a more appropriate time to discuss payment then when someone is actively in crisis. Due to your practices’ incompetence I found another provider and called your practice to cancel my next appt, and discharge from your inadequate practice. Little do I find out, your practice already discharged me WITHOUT TELLING me. What if I needed services and on what grounds are you discharging me, likely because I left this very accurate review of your practice. Also, if I didn’t want to pay my bill why is there is a zero balance? YOUR PRACTICE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT PATIENTS’ WELL-BEING. Everything was fine until I had an actual crisis, then your staff cannot be bothered, you should be ashamed of yourself and are a disgrace to the psychiatric community. Also, you committed patient abandonment and medical malpractice by discharging me during a crisis.

    5/25/2023Previous review

    This practice is not concerned about your mental health all they care about is taking your money and the practitioners only care about going on vacation. I have been going here about 2-3 years and I am currently going through a crisis, severe suicidal ideation, and my practitioner can not even be bothered to call me. I was told to call hospitals myself to find a bed. The front desk is also incompetent and rude and only cares about collecting your money.

  • 2/7/2023First to Review

    Very irritated, they wanted a credit card before they allowed my 10 yr old to return, even though THEY SAID it was covered by insurance, had it not been covered I would have went somewhere else. I want to see what I’m being charged before I’m charged. But they insisted they need a credit card, prior to even having charges.!?. Even though it was supposed to be covered I was sent a bill, AND they charged my insurance. When a receptionist called me about this, I told her I’m not paying this bill or giving them a credit card and she laughed and called me a b**** And hung up. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!!!

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