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  • 12/16/2016

    I have been living here since last 6 months and let assure you that this is one of the best apartments i have ever lived here in Atlanta. I had been hunting for good apartments for almost 3 months before i landed here. The leasing staff is patient, super friendly and helpful (special thanks to Molly). I have raised maintenance requests a couple of times in the past and they have always responded the very next day.

    I was really really surprised to see bad reviews at all here. The apartments are almost new and amazing. I did not have any noise issues until now, in fact i have not heard a sound from neighboring units. The hallways are really huge, well lit and always clean. They have multilevel covered parking and I can park a few meters from my apartment.
    I love the luxer one parcel lockers they have in place. Your packages get delivered there and an access code emailed to you.
    I could not wished for a better place.

  • 10/11/2015

    Cleanliness and maintenance are a low priority here and fellow tenants are extremely lazy and disrespectful. See pics.

    I terminated my lease early and was sent a notice by Erin Potts that $647.72 was being refunded to me. A few days later I received a very polite note from Brad Colasso that “You terminated your lease and owe for your final water bill. No refund.”
    Rude. Unprofessional. Sloppy. Arrogant.

    Business owner information

    Property M.


    While we can only do so much in regards to the “fellow tenants extremely lazy and disrespectful”, we take much pride in our beautiful community and welcome any feedback, good or bad. Our maintenance and resident satisfaction are our #1 priority here at Lofts Perimeter Center. We have an amazing maintenance and housekeeping team that is dedicated to cleaning up the property after others. We try our best to keep everything looking perfect and really appreciate it when residents point out where attention is needed.

    In regards to your lease termination and the mistake that was made, feel free to reach out to us offline to discuss further. Thanks for your feedback!

  • 4/23/2020

    This is not the best place to live if you value professionalism, timely responses, answers to your questions or if you prefer to feel valued after several years of being a clean and easy, on-time resident.

    Potential renter, please beware. I don’t have time to write these kinds of reviews and had to make the time to do so. That’s how unprofessional the staff is.
    If you’re considering the Lofts versus other apartments that don’t have reviews like the consistently poor reviews about management, I encourage you to heavily consider the other options and not this one.
    The apartment is nice – the walls are a bit thin. But when it comes to any kind of communication, expect to be ignored and have to follow-up multiple times. Don’t expect to get anyone on the phone. That’s rare (even long before COVID-19).
    It’s not a good feeling to pay on time for years and continue to deal with argumentative, mediocre property management behavior.

  • 1/4/2019

    I normally would not write a review unless it’s positive however I am compelled to write this one. During two years of living at the lofts I was pretty happy until maybe the last 6-months. Tenants are for the most part professional, hard-working people. Very quiet community and great location. Great amenities! Grounds are kept very clean and maintenance are timely and efficient. Rent is typical of what you would pay in the area. Few issues I had before ending my lease. 1) There was an issue with mold. I complained and maintenance just came out and cleaned with bleach and painted over it. The windows were never installed properly. During extremely cold months condensation would form on the inside around the windows. It would literally have frost inside the windows. In the warmer months the mold just started to grow. I just think it was just to expensive to replace the windows. Whoever moves into my old apartment “Watch OUT” Black Mold is in the apartment. I have pictures I will post. 2) I could never shake the uneasy feeling I got after speaking to the woman who was car jacked at gun point the same week she moved in Nov 2018. Management never advised the tenants of this crime. I would have never known if I had not spoken to her personally. Car break-ins and muggings are a norm they just try to hide it from the tenants. My car was broken into twice. 3) My husband and I were accused of stealing our own washer and dryer by Molly. Management basically threated to keep our $3900 deposit. The fact that she assumed that we would forfeit a $3900 to steal a $500 basic washer and dryer is preposterous. Later, management called my husband and I and apologized and stated that they found the paperwork verifying that we had our own washer and dryer installed in the apartment. By then the damage was done! Aysia in the office is great! I Love her. If it were not for Aysia I don’t know what the outcome would have been. Molly needs a course in “customer service” and “basic people skills”. She has no idea how to communicate. I am not the one to tell anyone where to live but I can document my experience. Just be aware that the complex is not the safest and keep records incase you are accused of stealing.

    Business owner information

    Property M.


    We have reviewed your comments with our team and apologize for any misunderstanding or miscommunication that occurred. We strive to provide a positive experience at The Lofts at Perimeter Center, and we appreciate your feedback. We would like to thank you for assisting us in improving our service and giving us the opportunity to do so. Please feel free to contact us at 770-394-0300 to discuss. – Kind regards, The Lofts Management Team

  • 11/12/2016

    First off, the staff (Asia in particular) is the best consultant ever. She took her time helping us locate an apartment at The Heights apartment community! One of the staff members (White lady with blond hair at The Heights apartment community) is so rude and very unhelpful. We were looking for an apartment at The Heights and she said that they didn’t have any available apartments when their website clearly stated that it did. She sent us on our way to The Lofts apartment community down the street where Asia (Leasing Consultant) insisted on helping us find an apartment at The Heights even though she was located at The Lofts. In the end, we ended up renting at The Heights apartment community but only because we loved Asia and her service so much!

    Asia is so helpful and so nice and she is definitely an asset to The Lofts, The Heights and Drexel.

  • 12/4/2015

    Earlier in the year, I moved into an apartment facing the pool and almost immediately regretted my decision. Throughout the summer and fall months, there is a constant onslaught of yelling, screaming, and loud music from early AM to late PM. Numerous times I’ve had to contact the courtesy officer to complain about residents at the pool, during the week, at 1am, 2am or 3am. Now that it’s winter, all I hear is the increasingly annoying sound of the pool/fountain filter, HVACs, or some other random mechanical noises that and just getting louder and louder.

    This is just so disappointing because the apartment complex itself is wonderful. The apartments are spacious and well laid-out. The staff is polite, responsive and helpful. Although there have been a couple of burglaries, I still feel safe here. Unfortunately, once my lease is up, I’m out. I can’t take the noise.

    Business owner information

    Property M.


    I am so sorry to hear about your noise issues. We have a new courtesy officer here now who is a Detective with the City of Dunwoody. He is very responsive and will definitely be able to help you when the office is not open.We definitely value your comfort as well as the comfort of others. Feel free to reach out offline if we can be of anymore assistance. Thanks for your feedback!

  • 11/28/2016

    I have been reading the reviews of The Lofts and find that people are simply more likely to review negatively, than to take the time to type a positive review. I have lived at The Lofts for 6 months, and I love it. It’s clean, well maintained, and quiet. The staff is friendly and attentive. My apartment faces the pool, and I love the view. I have not had a problem with excessive noise at night. The management team has established a VERY reasonable cut-off time for the pool area, and the residents comply. I enjoy the effort the staff makes to coordinate events for the residents; and the complimentary breakfast is quite convenient.

    The Community Manager, Brad, is serious about keeping the property clean and well-maintained; as well as assuring that residents follow common community courtesy.

  • 4/10/2018

    People need to pipe down and stop being such brats. I love this place! The Heights, Drexel and Lofts are the ONLY normal and NICE apartments in Dunwoody…. trust me. I have looked at so many apartments and keep resigning my lease here.

    Business owner information

    Property M.


    Hi, Inna! Thank you for the review. We’re glad that you enjoy our community, and we appreciate you taking the time to share. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you. Thanks again! – The Lofts Perimeter Center Team

  • 2/6/2020

    Please note, these positive reviews do not apply to the previous management. The positive reviews were earned under the previous management company. The new management company is not worth 1 stars. Stay far away from this place .

  • 7/10/2015

    My wife and I just moved into a two bedroom facing the pool. There’s definitely slight noise from the fountains into the pool, but having moved from Midtown it’s comparatively much quieter here and sounds kind of peaceful to me.

    We’ve had a great experience with the staff, which has been responsive to maintenance requests and getting us settled in. We also don’t hear the neighbors at all which is great, as that was a big concern moving from an all-concrete condo highrise.
    Location is awesome and plenty of parking. Very pet friendly and well maintained.

    Business owner information

    Property M.


    Thanks for your positive feedback, Nick! We recently filled the pool fountains with beautiful flowers and are blown away with the outcome. Thanks again for your positive comments as they are greatly appreciated.

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