Only Girls Will Understand TikTok Compilation ❤️
Only Girls Will Understand TikTok Compilation ❤️

The Period Comic is a collection of three illustrated books with three main characters (Anabel, Ada and Misha).

This special series is perfect for introducing young girls to puberty and menstruation. It helps make the education and conversation about periods(menstruation) easy and fun filled. It contains vital information from nutrition, puberty, menstrual hygiene and managing periods. The journal is a great way to help girls become more creative and learn new things. There are 3 books in the series.

Pre-ordering any one of these books comes with some gifts, grants you access to our virtual events, book signing/shipping party Dec 5th and The Period Comic Con 2021.

All pre-orders will be shipped by Dec 5th.
Over 5,000 parents and girls are using The Period Comic for period education.
Get this exclusive bundle with a gift. Available until Dec 4th.

If you pre-order by November 29th, 2020, you will get your delivery from the first week of December 2020

It starts from October and ends on November 29th for early birds. The gifts and bundles in this pre-order ends in December. Afterwards, you buy items individually.

Yes, you can pre-order after November 29th until December 10th for the Limitless Experience but may not get you shipment by the second week in December.

The Limitless campaign starts with the pre-order of one of the books in The Period Comic series. This comes with gifts and access to The Period Comic Con 2021 and The Virtual shipping/signing party 2020. That is the Limitless Experience. The officially book launch is same time as the conference in 2021.

Yes, you can pre-order any of the packages. Ensure to check which regions or countries such package is shipped to as some packages are limited to the UK

To access the perks and The Period Comic Con, you need to have bought one of the packages in the Limitless Experience and this grants you automatic access to the conference.

If you order before the 29th of November, we will ship out to you. We are using very reliable shipping agents. We don’t foresee any problems. In the event of unforeseeable circumstances and a delay happens, kindly email us at [email protected]

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