Media King Area Property – YAKUZA 0
Media King Area Property – YAKUZA 0

[Top 5] Yakuza 0 Best Advisors

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The Real Estate Royale side quest in Yakuza 0 is a great way to earn money in the game.

To maximize your profits and take over the real estate in Kamurocho, Kiryu will have to hire the best staff he can find. Once you have an amazing team in place, you will have to regularly rotate your staff to keep the profits rolling in.

Once Kiryu has acquired all of the real estate within each area, he will then have to fight the main bosses of these areas for total domination.

In this article, we take an in-depth look at the top 5 advisors you should hire to get the most out of the Real Estate Royale side mission.

5. Earth Angel Mama (Mama-San)

Yakuza 0 – Earth Angel’s Mama Likes to “Compromise” Men

Mama-san, also known as Ako, owns the Earth Angel bar in Kamurocho, and she is one of the series’ most beloved characters.

To recruit her as an advisor for your real estate team, simply visit the Earth Angel bar that Mama-san owns and order the top-shelf whisky. She will offer to be a part of your team for a salary of 7,200,000 yen.

What makes Mama-san great:

  • Expertise in eateries and entertainment to help you boost those properties
  • Easy to acquire, you can hire her as soon as Real Estate Royale is unlocked
  • Low salary when compared to other advisors
  • She has a 3-star rank

4. Marusa Marui

Yakuza 0 | The Tax Lady

We first meet Agent Marui in sub-story #13, The Tax Lady. Marui contacts Kiryu for his help in investigating possible tax fraud at Marugo Enterprises. Kiryu is tasked with distracting employees at Marugo while Agent Marui gets the evidence she needs for her case.

Upon successful completion of the sub-story, Marui becomes available as an advisor for Kiryu’s team for an 8,800,000 yen salary.

What makes Marusa Marui great:

  • Specializes in corporate management, so she is a good boost for those properties
  • The required sub-story for Marui is highly entertaining, and not too difficult
  • She has a lower salary than most other advisors
  • She has a 3-star rating

3. Fortune-teller

Yakuza 0 – Substories: The Visionary Fortune-Teller

The fortune-teller is a little more difficult to get because it requires you to keep your ears open as you walk the streets of Kamurocho.

It all starts when you overhear two women discuss a “fortune-teller who is never wrong.” You will then find the fortune-teller in the Champion District, where you talk to her. She says her attackers are coming, and you have to fight them off.

After you beat up the thugs who are after her, she offers you a reading. Complete the dialogue and she will appear outside of the Sugita building looking for a job. She has a more expensive salary of 28,000,000 yen.

What makes the fortune-teller so great:

  • She specializes in the entertainment area, but she also has good skills in the shopping, food, and pleasure departments, so she is versatile
  • She has a 4-star ranking, making her one of the more powerful advisors

2. Media King

Yakuza 0 | Real Estate Royale: MEDIA KING

The Media King is one of the best advisors in Yakuza 0, but getting him to join your real estate team is a bit more challenging than others.

You start out as a rival of the Media King, and you set out to acquire all of the properties in his district. Along the way, he will challenge you to a dance-off, and you have to win to progress the Real Estate Royale mission.

Once you have acquired every property in the Media King’s district, he will challenge you to a fight with some of his thugs. Once you beat him in the fight, you will be able to hire him as an advisor for a salary of 27,000,000 yen.

What makes Media King great:

  • His area of support specializes in shopping, with high abilities in entertainment and corporate management
  • Beating the Media King and hiring him as an advisor also unlocks the last of the upgrades for the Beast fighting style
  • His 4-star ranking makes him a heavy-hitter who will earn lots of cash for your properties

1. Miracle Johnson

Yakuza 0 | Miracle on Tenkaichi Street

You first meet Miracle Johnson in sub-story #12, Miracle on Tenkaichi Street. In this sub-story, Kiryu is tasked with overseeing Miracle’s latest music video to make sure everything goes as planned.

After this sub-story is complete, you will meet up with Miracle again in another sub-story where he challenges you to a dance-off. There’s no way to win against him, but once this sub-story is complete, Miracle will offer to work for Kiryu as a real estate advisor for a high salary of 48,000,000 yen.

What makes Miracle Johnson great:

  • He has one of the most entertaining sub-stories in Yakuza 0
  • His 5-star ranking makes him the most powerful advisor
  • He specializes in shopping and entertainment, with high marks in the food and pleasure areas as well, so he is a well-rounded advisor who will earn top dollar for most properties.

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