Necron Hexmark Destroyer, Convergence of Dominion, Ophydian Destroyers Unboxing
Necron Hexmark Destroyer, Convergence of Dominion, Ophydian Destroyers Unboxing

Warhammer 40K Hot Mess – Necron Convergence of Dominion

I was looking through some 40K Fortifications and I stumbled upon a weird piece of plastic – the Convergence of Dominion for the Necrons. What the heck is this thing?

I had high hopes for army terrain as I think it is a unique avenue for a game. I like how AOS does it where the terrain can help get the army to work with some kind of centralized ability. This could range from making you better at punching things, keep you protected, or just make sure you don’t run away like a bunch of weenies. The issue with 40k is that there are too many things that can get out of hand if you tweak them in the good direction.

Most likely it is because 40k just shoots too dang much. Thus, the only abilities that matter are making you shoot more or making you much harder to be shot at. So the idea of terrain being important becomes very hard to balance. I also think there are too many pieces of terrain that are saddled with a wound characteristic that doesn’t need to be there.

Think about the Webway Portal and how annoying it can be. If it had a wound characteristic it would be much less of an issue. What if the big Chaos Star didn’t have any wounds? Would it show up in every list then? I just really get annoyed with how some things have wounds and other things don’t. This causes a weird issue by creating powerful options you can’t engage with as a player. But enough of my soapbox – lets talk about these terrible little Necron statues.

Convergence of Dominion Basics

So you get 3 little pieces of Necron masonry that can do some things for you. Your Cryptek can do an action to move them around the table. They shoot a bit, pump up your leadership, and they can help your command Protocols. They never really fit into the army as a lot of that stuff doesn’t matter too much to the Necrons. The Convergence of Dominion lived in a weird space that having these blocks of plastic sitting around didn’t do much for them. Now they don’t really need them at all so what does the army do with their piece of Terrain? Oh and they have wounds too which is just – not needed for this unit.

Create some Interesting Deployment Options

First if the Army loses the scout move option why not let these things speed up the Warriors around them? Maybe the Convergence of Dominion just juice up some units and get them moving faster. Maybe you can decide to amp up shooting nearby another empowering option. Let these things do cool little upgrades as a Cryptek nearby decides to switch up their control mechanism. Is there a psyker nearby? Have it disrupt the Warp a bit. Are you worried about a charge – give some things an invulnerable save in close combat. There are a lot of small things you could do with it just amping up your units nearby.

If It Has a Gun – Make It Usable

Let’s just amp up the amount of shots, make it always hit on a 4+, and maybe cause some kind of Tesla arching as it shoots at an enemy. Heck let a nearby Cryptek shoot a super powered shot for a Command point. Just make the Convergence of Dominion shooting something to worry about. If you want to keep it with wounds then it needs a better gun.

Let It Push Around Command Protocols

If they want, make the obelisks something the Nobles can use to push around orders? Heck make it important for Noble options by letting it showcase how powerful they can be. Or just – let the Silent King move them around as a cool weird little option. They just feel like the perfect mini terrain for your army as they can show up on a display board, look cool, and be usable.

Let’s Make This Unit Neat!

This is a neat little boxed set as it gives you some terrain, a nice unifying piece for your display board, and something I wish the Convergence of Dominion was actually usable on the tabletop. It just feels like a waste of space in the army as it does some things but nothing well enough. Plus it takes up too many spots to get working with needing a Cryptek to even start being useful.

Let us know how you would fix the unit, down in the comments!

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